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December 18, 2007



Warning: we are dealing with a sensitive subject matter. No matter how nervous you are about having blood drawn, it's the other part of the exam that doesn't go over big. Like when the doctor tells you to drop your drawers turn around and bend over. While your doing that he gets his rubber gloves on and lubes up; well, you know what's next. Your on a date. But, in reality, the alternative just might be worse. Get checked!!!!!

Dierdre Jean

Bean, you are doing a great public service with this information. My father, at 75, has been dealing with prostrate cancer for a number of years. His last checkup was excellent, with a major drop in the PSA count. The cancer is almost gone, but we will be diligent in all checkups to keep it from coming back.

On a more positive note, it's great to see you blogging again.


Wow...that is something to look back on...i have a friend who is going through the same cancer and he was really stubborn about it...I have a special place in my heart for cancer victims as my Aunt passed away from it two years ago and it was one of the hardest things i ever went through


Prostrate cancer, Bean? Do you think he was prone to it?


Bean, this is good information. My father-in-law had prostate cancer; my husband is 41. Time for a check-up, whether he likes it or not.

All the best, Irene

P.S. Foreleg! My new favorite word.


Dragnet's drug shows were the best . . . I recently watched an old episode of Quincy where the kids all went crazy after smoking the demon weed . . .

p.s. nice job spreading the word on an important health issue.


Great information. Just one thing - let's get the terms correct - I see them being used incorrectly here. Prostate is the part of the male anatomy we are talking about not Prostrate. According to, the definition of prostrate is "to cast (oneself) face down on the ground in humility, submission, or adoration". That definition would seem an appropriate response to that 2nd exam mentioned!!!


prostate not prostrate dude!

Tiffiny Whitney

I'm sure Dan would be proud of you posting this. Thanks, Bean.


Johnny Socko

Surely you could legitimately work "foreleg" into any post having to do with cattle. Or bulldogs, for that matter.

(I know, I know..."And stop calling me 'Shirley'!")


I listen to the old Dragnet RADIO shows (yeah, not the TV show) at least once a week. I just listened to an Xmas one the other day!
They rock.

Vic Rattler

Moooooooon Riiiiivvv-eeeeeerrrrr.....

Used to watch Dragnet nightly when I was a little one, and Green Acres, and Get Smart.
God! Get Smart, what a show.

Dierdre Jean

Mea culpa! I know the difference between the words "prostate" and "prostrate". What I typed was a typographical error. Thanks for the correction from those with eagle eyes. :)


Hi Bean,

I just wanted to thank you for passing along Dan's blog entry. It prompted me to send it to my father with a strongly worded (albeit best intentioned) note attached. His 50th birthday is approaching and I'm hoping he heeds my advice. Thanks for reminding both of us about his health!


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