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December 26, 2007



I'm out!

brother john

Does a grainy video on Crime Stoppers count if I was wearing a cap and unrecognizable?

Rick Ramirez - West Suffield, CT

I was on TV back in the eighties when a small plane crashed into a pool in my North Hills, CA neighborhood. The News crew filmed me skateboarding in the background. I was on TV this year, again a news crew was filming at a late night police check point. My mother and sister were watch the news and saw as the police officer asked me to blow into the breath analyzer (I was not drinking by the way!).


I was on Romper Room in 1979.


Does it count if I was shown on TV at an LA Kings game?


My son and I were on a hi-lite clip for San Diego local news when the Padres won a game with a walk off home run. It landed a couple rows in front of us. My wife says it doesn't count as an official "appearance." I think she's a jealous wench.


I was on the news once discussing the exciting topic of dry cleaning! It was exciting indeed.

Vic Rattler

My crotch was on TV at an Anaheim Bullfrogs game.

That count?

Johnny Socko

Jimmy Kimmel once interviewed me at a carwash. It was part of a promo campaign of "practice interviews" he was doing just before the launch of his ABC talk show. My sister said that she saw me in the resulting commercial -- as part of a montage.

Shocking revelation of my life: Jimmy said that I looked like Adam Carolla -- and I realized he was right.


I recently appeared on the Ellen show. I was only visible for about 3 seconds, but I was on there. The person to my right did not appear (she was the person on the far right of the audience stands, from the audience point of view).

As for 1 in 4, that number doesn't seem too shocking, but likely a little incorrect. But if you figure that 90% of every audience gets shown on TV, and 90% of those people are unique (which is probably not even close to correct), then it seems like you'd get pretty close to the suggested number. Then there are actors and extras, sports players, sports fans, etc.

As per my family (plus a few extra), my sister was on Wild and Crazy Kids, my sister's friend was an extra on Freaks and Geeks, my dad has probably been on TV at some USC game and my aunt has been on the Love Connection.


I was on a Game Show Network gameshow called Friend or Foe about five years ago.


I've been on TV too... "My Friend's over you" New found Glory music video


Diamondvision at Dodger Stadium in the 80s - Band Night. Yes, I know that makes me a giant geek.


Yup, I've been on TV; Ryan Seacrest came to my college and did a segment for the Jay Leno show and I was in the background watching what college kids would do for $1. I have also been on TV during a USC football game.


I was interviewed years ago by CNN about riding roller coasters, and last January I was in a very small audience at a GMA show.


Apparently, I was in a commerical for one of Carson Daly's shows. I didn't know about it a friend told me. Does it count if you were an extra in an adult film?


I was on the Leeza Gibbons show back in the day. I was in the audience and asked a question of one of her guests. Nothing much, but I think it counts.


Does being shown on the evening news as I was waiting in line to see the first midnight showing of the last Star Wars installment count? Or the time I was ringside at a WCW wrestling event? I taped both so I could see me on TV, which is very weird.


I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I was on Bobcat Golthwaite's (sp?) Big Ass Show when I was in college... and all I have to show for it is a crappy pen!


Yes, I've been on television.

Bean - Your random sampling may be skewed considering you have a big blog audience from Los Angeles. Just sayin'.

cathy g.

i was on regis when he was still in LA - i think it was like 1989 or something like that when I thought New Kids on the Block were actually going to be there.... my mom said that she saw me & my sister for like a split second.


in the 70's i sang in a choir for a commercial to get people to participate in the census. it ran on a local spanish station.


I was on TV when I worked as a seat-filler for the Emmys years ago. I had no idea I was right in front of John Lithgow until the cameras started lining the aisle before they announced the Best Actor in a Comedy category. If you have a tape of that year's show, you can see a very startled me in the row directly in front of Mr. Lithgow as he jumps up to accept his award!

Fred G.

1. In the background during a news interview. A bunch Morrisey fans were hanging out in front his hotel (this was the early 90's)
2. Behind home plate at several Dodger-Cub games. For the record: I was NOT the one waving while on a cell phone.


I've been on TV twice, both on the Tonight Show with a friend who raised her hand and said we had talent...I did an impression of Marlon Brando, she did John Wayne (this is 1972 we're talking here) and again, the very next year we managed to get on again. Bless Joey Bishop's heart, he was a sucker for teenaged girls I guess.


I was on Win Ben Stein's Money back in the day when Jimmy was the co-host. I didn't win though! =(


does porn count???


I was an audience member on that Spanish Jerry Springer show, Jose Luis sin Censura. And you can see me the whole time right up front which was pretty embarrassing. I was also on that gay-ass On Air with Ryan Seacrest show when it was still on the air. I wonder if it should count if you've been on lame television segments?

Emily Alexis

I'm ashamed to say I went to a taping of American Idol because my sister was a huge fan. They ended up seating us directly behind the judges, so EVERY time they showed them, there we were too. I got phone calls from people I hadn't spoken to in 10+ years! Not only that, but somehow that became stock footage for American Idol clips. I'm kidding you not, I saw myself on that clip on all the entertainment shows (Extra, ET, Access Hollywood), E! True Hollywood Story, 101 Greatest Fashion Makeovers, and more. Every once and I while I still get a call from someone who saw the clip...and we went more than 4 years ago. We even got a call from a friend who said it was on the jumbotron (for some reason) at a Seattle Mariner's game! Definitely a surreal, and very humiliating, experience.


Ahhhh Ballard! What a great little burg. One of my mom's favorite things about Ballard are the locks. :)

What about Madame K's? Have you ever eaten there Bean? Yummy pizza and back in the 1800's the building was a brothel! Hence the name, Madame K's!

Happy Holidays, glad the blog is back...I am complete now


I was sitting behind announcers at a Kansas Univ. Vs. Texas A&M basketball game last year. It wasn't until I saw the telecast at home that I realized I had a huge pimple on my forehead.


Bean, weren't you on CNN in 2006 talking about fat black people on American Idol?

Oh and I was on KNBC's The Challenge with Fred Roggin earlier this month...

Dierdre Jean

My mother told me I was on a local kids show once when I was a baby. The camera zoomed in on me because I was smiling. When I was much older I was in the audience during a taping of the Charlie Rose show in Washington DC. The guest star on that show was Mike Farrell of MASH fame. I remember asking a question, but I can't remember what it was. Do those count?
(oh, and I am on the East Coast, so the LA skewed thing doesn't apply to me)

Mister Keith

Does video surveillance count?

Paul Lee

I was on the last season of American Bandstand. I did "Rate-a-Record." I was briefly on 20/20 as a fan when they did a segment on Dr. Laura. My wife and son appeared on the Apprentice LA.

But forget TV. I get my jollies getting heard occasionally on local morning radio shows. But that's just me.

Does it count when your artwork has appeared on TV? I've had my artwork appear a number of times. I much prefer that to me personally appearing. I think I look goofy and can't stand my own voice.


The local news came to my junior high school to talk with "America's youth." I apparently qualified. Also, I was in the line of sight when right-handed batters were shown during a Padres/Dodgers game. Those were great seats.


Does Unsolved Mysteries count??? Weren't you on there once?


I was an extra on the last episode of Veronica Mars. It was a big fight scene in the cafeteria and I was on camera for a split second!


i was on tv when someone tried to blow up my school with a bomb made out of a tennis ball.

Liz Griffis

I was on Tv 3 years ago being interviewed in NorCal where i worked cuz it was SOOO cold and i had to work outside! Hooray for Caffino!

Heather Kern

My son and I were prominently shown in the audience of an instore book signing for Tammy Faye Baker - which was televised on the Surreal life... my son had friends at school tell him they saw him, my bank teller noticed us and even just last month a distant family member asked me if that was us on the surreal life... thanks to vh1 and all the surreal life marathons we have achieved immortality!!

Tiffiny Whitney

I've been on a couple times for a couple different reasons, but the "main" ones were two instances that were more important. One was on an MTV show called "Parental Control" where they took a comment completely out of context and creatively edited my three second appearance to say that I was good at oral sex (which is NOT what I said). The other was as a main character on another MTV show called "Why Can't I Be You?" Both sucked, but I got paid for both. :) Oddly enough, I occasionally get recognized still--by people in different states!



I was on Wild and Crazy Kids in middle school with my dad. We lost.

TR in Seattle

Hey Bean,

I moved up here to Snoqualmie, WA about 3 years ago. Anyways, I've never been on TV. I think we all should be on TV at least once before we die. Seems only fair given some of these news casters get on TV daily and most of them are jack nuts. I've only been to Ballard once...I did the tourist thing with the Ballard Locks. It's neat to watch the boats go through and the salmon as well. I went to Leavenworth a few weeks back and really though it was overrated. Really disappointing considering all the hype it gets.


My friend was a contestant on the Price is Right and I was in the audience and they kept showing me shouting to him.. wow what a lame 15 min of fame I have...


When I was 17 i was interviewed by the local TV station about health food in High School. Then I was on the Tonight Show when Jay Leno asked the audience what celebrity they looked like (I said Talia Shire) I was on MTV because they filmed a class I was teaching and I was also an audience member on the Price is Right and saw myself as the camera panned across the studio.
BTW I got to know the Ballard district very well this past September.
I loved the cupcake factory, the bread shop and Shakti Yoga studio.

Terry Myers

Back in '73 i was on the game show "Truth Or Consequences." I was shown on the '88 Rose Parade pre-show sleeping in the street and i was on the ABC7 news when the Anaheim Stadium was going thru its renovation.

Kings Fan

Yeah, I was on a game show that aired on ESPN in the mid 90's called "The Dream League". My friend Steve and I (along with a sports celebrity)were the only three-time grand champions the show ever had.


Just got back from Seattle to L.A. I love the "feel" of it. Upon visiting Fremont, my cousin proceeded to "Smoke a bowl with the Troll" that was classic! Should have caught that one on video. There was a bum at the top of the troll that took a hit so he was happy too. Lenin statue was surreal. Ballard is fun with the red velvet cupcakes, the locks and Costas Opa greek restaurant. I wore my Seahawks hoodie all week. Dick's was better than In n Out I have to admit. Did not win the Hit 5 lotto contest though. Gotta love walkin up to Seahawks game and gettin tix for $25 a pop for game. Fred Meyer had an usually good selection of wine for a reasonable price.

Take care

Edmund F

Does a Sketch of me as recounted by a witness on the News count?

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