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December 10, 2007


brother john

You might want to save a few strands of that just in case you need to make a voodoo doll later. I'm just sayin...


hey bean these people are doing gods work. my daughter donated her locks to them last summer after not cutting her hair for 3 years. great organization. good work donna.


More proof that you married a special lady.


i've donated my hair a few times to locks of love and think it's an amazing program. i commend your wife for helping such a great cause and for you for marrying such a great woman....and p.s. i didn't think your hat last night looked so bad (if not for being so bright red!).

Jim from Columbus

WELL... let's see what Donna's do looks like short.


Kudos to Donna!! My 6 year old daughter did the same thing this past summer. You guys rock!!!


i have been blessed with super fast growing hair and i am currently working on my 2nd donation!
lucky for my husband i shave. well sometimes. thought id share.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, Donna is a saint.

I think you should grow your hair for three years as well. Do your part Bean!


My stylist, after cutting your hair for Locks of Love, will cut and style your remaining hair at no charge.


You have a wonderful wife. I am totally inspired to donate my own locks. Thank you and thank her.


That's really awesome. You really got lucky, Bean.


Donna Rocks!!


It has to be unprocessed hair, right? That rules me out.

Props to Donna for 1) donating to such a great cause and 2) not having to color her hair!

Vic Rattler

Wow, Donna truly has excellent penmanship.


Your wife is beautiful. Please post more photos of her - you are a lucky guy!

Oh, and she's obviously beautiful on the inside as well to go to these lengths (literally) to make a stranger's life better.


I have a friend that grows his hair 12 inches long then donates it all, and grows it all back. If only more people were like this...

cathy g.

mrs. bean's strongly worded letter is awesome!!!

Ms. Inkymae

I just returned from the hair dresser. I'm about an inch short of 10 inches (They do accept colored hair). I'm looking forward to going back in 8 weeks and donating my hair. What a great way to celebrate this holiday season! Thank you, Mrs. Baxter, for your wonderful idea!

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