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December 11, 2007



Being the Christmas season, I thought this palindrome would be right

A Santa at Nasa

Vic Rattler

What about:
Rise to vote, sir!
Show some good citzenship Bean.

My name is a palindrome.


Awesome palindromes!
Since you are quite versed in vocabulary;
perhaps you would like to play a game that
could perhaps help feed hungry people?

By playing the rice/vocabulary game advertisers donate money and have the United Nations World Food Program distribute the rice you earn.
It's a win/win situation.


i hope you've seen this:
weird al's genius song/video all about palindromes.


Evil is a deed as i live.

Edmund F

Bean I love you!!! Do you have the same fasination with Anagrams or alliterations?


"Strained" is definitely the word.



Isn't there a book that is written completely as a palindrome?


Bean, how could you not mention butt tub????


I'm lucky enough to have married a palindrome: Hannah. We both love this fact.


I'm lucky enough to have married a palindrome: Hannah. We both love this fact.

John E

Hey Bean, I have a different kind of palindrome fascination, and it's with time instead of words. For some odd reason, when I look at my digital watch or phone display, at least once a day, if not more, I see the time randomly, if not coincidentally presented in a palidromic fashion (10:01, 9:59) and on my digital watch, I'll wait until it 10:44:01 sometimes if it's within 5-10 seconds in range. Weird, I know but it's just something that evolved from the strange coincidence I had daily with always watching my cell phone giving me a palindrome time.


GATEMAN, sides reversed, is NAMETAG

And that sentence is a palindrome as well

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