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December 09, 2007



Excellent idea. And I can only imagine how much easier it would be to pull my bag off the carousel if I had more than my allotted six inches of space to work in.


I like it. I like everything about it. EXCEPT,
it's way to easy. An idea that wouldn't involve red tape and an environmental impact report is not even worth doing. Then the worry
about the ACLU and peoples right to assemble without restrictions. Holy crap, can this simple idea get anymore mucked up! Yes, but only in America.


I travel in and out of that airport as well, and am all too familiar with the tiny baggage area for the United/Alaska flights. It's super fun during the holidays! Why NOT have all passengers, including those renting cars, in the same 100 sq foot area??

Fred G

It looks like your idea would only work if everyone stood in single file line. If so, you're idea won't work.

My suggestion - You're 6'6". Cut to the front of the line. If someone questions you just say "Don't you know who I am?"


I've thought the same thing every time I fly. They could just paint a yellow strip around the carousel and ask everyone to stand behind unless you're actually retrieving a bag. I often try to stand a couple feet back so other's can see, but, inevitably someone will slide slowly but surely in front of me as if I wasn't even there. Bastards with no social respect. Oh well, as my wife and I always say "People suck".


damn bean it must awesome to live in your little world......if only things at the airport could really be like that...

Vic Rattler

How exactly does that make you a million dollars? Where's the profit?
Better idea: 3 ft rule + camera showing the luggage on a large screen. When yours comes by you step forward.

PS to Geo: take your government chunk over to open mic night at the HA Ha Hut, tool.

Shut up! NO BODY CARES!!!!


Of course people like your blog. Don't let the rest of the AM team give you a hard time for something that is great.

Scott Tipton

That was me at Ameoba on Friday. And you can take the compliment in the spirit in which it was given. I have to admit, I missed the blog while it was gone.

By the way, later that night I attended the Harry Shearer Christmas Singalong, which featured a special surprise performer: Weird Al Yankovic!



Great idea! Bean rules!


Bean, I long for the day you create a new world order. If we can also kill all extroverts that would be great.


That is an AMAZING idea! I hate the way people stand over the carousel! I read above someones comment about the yellow line...BRILLIANT! The worst is when people sit on the carousel while it isn't moving and then when it starts, they seem surprised....what is wrong with these people!


I was in Glendale, doing some christmas shopping and as I stepped onto the escalator to climb to the glory that is the second floor when I saw the most amazing sight, people who knew the rules of the road that apply to escalation.

There I was, in the midst of a dream, the slow women and children to one side, leaving enough room for the quicker patrons to pass. I immediately thought you should know, I wish you could have been there with me to witness it in all of its holyness.


this reminds me of one of my great ideas. If everyone at a traffic light accelerates at the same time, more people would make it through the light.

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