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December 17, 2007



A sad day. A great talent that I had a privilege to see many times.

Edmund F

My wife was pretty bummed when she heard. At first I was like "the lead singer for CCR died". She reminded me that the lead singer for CCR was John Fogerty and then she looked up Same Old Lang Syne. I was less bummed because John Fogerty was still alive.


So does this mean no more Credence Clearwater Revival reunion tour too?

Oh, phew! I thought you were talking about the Subway guy. Man, I was crushed for about 2 seconds.

Tiffiny Whitney

Good to hear I'm not the only one who was bummed out when they heard the news. People look at me weird when I say I'm a Dan Fogleberg fan, because I'm only 24 (as of yesterday). I love the guy though, and, in fact, it was the first concert I'd ever been to (went with my mom when her friend twisted her ankle). I have to say I loved the guy...particularly, "Leader of the Band." I'm glad to know there are other people out there who really appreciated his music.


Matt in HB

When ever I hear Dan's music (and others from the 70's and early 80's) it takes me straight back to being a kid, with my parents listening to the radio in the mornings. Not a care in the world, just hanging out with the family. Good times for sure, sometimes I miss that innocence.
Another song that did this to me recently was Foo Fighter's Baker Street, sounded just enough like Gerry Rafferty's 1978 version to take me back to that time specific place.
Thanks Bean


I blogged about the same thing last night after I read the news. Same Auld Lang Syne is one of my all time favorites from this time of year, and I'm always moved when I hear it.

Mister Keith

Gene - I'm glad you took notice of Dan Fogelberg's passing. Do you remember that you introduced me to his music when the Twin Sons of Different Mothers album came out?


"I think maybe the wedding favorite, Longer doomed Fogelberg to soft rock hell" . . .

Or maybe it was the sweater and turtleneck he's wearing on that album cover.


Foo Fighters did Baker Street? I must hear this.

I forgot about these two great songs, thanks for the post. I'll be downloading them today!

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