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December 31, 2007



Nice pics!

I like the cowsonariver one the best...Happy New Year to you as well


I especially like that last one.

Actually, it sort of looks like a screenshot from the PC game, Myst.

Happy new year Bean! (and tater tot!)


You're right. These are pretty boring...... Happy New Year!!


That last photo would make a great desktop backgruond. Looking forward to the last set - Happy New Year B.


Bean, sell prints of your photos! they are lovely.

cathy g

I love the second to last one of the beautiful cove... how blue the water is!! I spent most of my time in Oregon on the I5 & I84 (en route to WSU)- would love to go back and see this side of it. Thanks for sharing. Not boring at all. Seriously you should just do photography....

Happy 2008 to you, Donna and Tater.


Hi Bean
I perfer 2 and 4. Just curious how many cows do you have? Heifers or Bulls? I saw a photo of Donna with one of your cows.


Bean, not boring at all. Great pictures! Happy New Year.



Here's wishing the Baxter family a healthy and
happy New Year!


Love the pictures Bean!
Happy New Years...

Is that the highest resolution that your camera takes? Those pictures are pretty great. If you've got some higher resolution images, they'd be nice as desktop backgrounds.


I'm so freaking jealous of you bean, Its my wish to live a secluded lifestyle in the lovely northwest when I get older. Hopefully not too older.

me! =)

Bean, if my friend can't take pics at my wedding, will you???

And I think I am going to use the last pic as my desktop.......It's great!

Have a good one & happy new year to you, donna & all your "babies" (especially Tater Tot!)

me! =)


Picture number one is hilarious. I bet that thing was made by some hillbilly housewife. The kind who's always telling you not to throw stuff out because she can find some way to use it in her arts and crafts. Don't throw out that dilapidated old rowboat, I can turn it into a festive potted plant!

But here's a question: what's more white trash, the person who made that thing or the guy who stopped to take a photo of it so he could post it in his blog?

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