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December 20, 2007



I know when you play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of
the Moon to the Wizard of Oz it's pretty creepy. The twelve day thing, to much work.


Wow. I never heard the theory, but it sounds like it could be true. I just found out that CVS stands for "Christian Value Store" Who knew? The separation of church and state is all smoke and mirrors. It sounds good, but the far Right disapproves of everything that doesn't fit into "Christian values." ( gay marriage, abortion)
Do you think our country would ever elect a jewish person for President? Highly doubtful.
"Separation of church and state" is the same as Brass Monkey hanging a no smoking sign inside their establishment while everyone lights up. It looks good, sounds good, is the law, but no one follows it.


It's the 12 days of Christmas because that's how long the holiday really lasts - that is, until the feast of the Epiphany on January 6th which is when Christians commemorate the visitation of the Magi (3 Wisemen).


I never heard that before but it sounds like it makes sense...i think im going to print that and share with some people to see what they think...

have you heard the story about the pickle ornament?


Good Stuff, Bean!


Thanks to you there will be another book under our tree.

Paul Lee

Couldn't the same be said for any countdown from 12 to 1? It seems a stretch. The tie in just isn't obvious between the twelve days and the christian symbolsim. As for why Santa wears red? (and white and black?) Coka Cola. In ad campaigns, Coka Cola co-opted the image of Santa and dressed him in their corporate colors. The original Santa was also a little person, more an elf than a big guy he is now. Coke also changed that. So remember, when people say Christmas has become too commercial, you say, "Hell to the yeah... when wasn't it commercial?"

Chad Silver

I don't get it. Given the descriptions, the symbolism is just with the numbers, not the gifts. It could have been ten Playstations or ponies or ugly neckties, and the descriptions would make just as much sense.


So, the three French hens could actually correlate to the Trinity of Playstation, XBox, and Nintendo.
I think I like that.

Tiffiny Whitney

I'm with the person who made the first comment. I think it's really just for how long the holiday ACTUALLY lasts.

Thanks, Bean! :)


Amendment to earlier post: If you told me that
Maynard from Tool wrote the lyrics, well, then
I'm in.


Makes sense to me, but now I'm going to have that dammm song running through my head all day!


Its art... interpret it the way you want. Although it is not the most artistic song around, it is music nonetheless. I say... have your way with it.


Holy Jebus, you make so much sense with all that stuff. Then again, I think only you would have the time to actually think all of that through. Gotta love ya!

Mark Fearing

It always seemed like a Weird Al song to me anyway...


My son plays in a high school band and they played the 12 Days of Christmas with a twist. It was actually fun to listen to.
Here's a line to the song if you care to listen. (My son is a trumpet player).


CVS stands for Consumer Value Store. People are so lame.

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