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December 19, 2007


michelle k

:-( so sad!! :-(


Poor babies . . . I wish them and their brethren better health and I applaud the RSPCA's decision to use festive color casts on the poor little things


Tiggywinkles Med Center...really? One of my fondest memories of New Jersey was seeing the hedgehog carcasses on the highway bloating up in the summer heat. If your timing was right you might see one go POP!


Poor hedgehogs! They look so cute (other than the broken bones).

Tiffiny Whitney

Poor things! I'm happy someone's looking after them. I've never owned my own hedgehog, but my 7th grade science teacher had two in her room. ADORABLE little creatures, if not a little pokey. Very sweet things too.

BTW--thought of you today when I saw the most adorable little baby English bulldog. I got a picture on my cell phone to show you, but as soon as I got up to the office, it wasn't on my phone. I don't have a clue what happened. Still, it was adorable.



Bruin, you are a cruel person and should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously, why would you want to see harm come to a little animal?


I never realized how ADORABLE hedgehogs can be! So cute!!! I hope they heal soon.


dear god bean. you are the reason i hate animal lovers. is there some inverse relationship that animal lovers have with the amount of social skills they can have? seriously seriously..... hedge hogs?? don't get me wrong, i like 7/11, and i kindof dig the post office. but you are one weird mother effer. Just let them die, is it not just natral selection taking it's course? i mean if they were ment to wouldn't they find some way to purchase said, "festive color casts" and nurse themselves back to health..... or better yet.... just use the other dead hedge hogs and feed for their babies and turn this seemingly horrible winter into a positive.


You see, this is why I just love England. This is such an utterly English thing to do. And only in England would a place called "Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital" exist outside of a children's storybook. I bet the woman who runs that place is called Mrs. Pennywhistle and she has a picture of the Queen on her wall and has tea and biscuits at 4 P.M. sharp everyday.

Here's another of my favorite DM stories out of England, about ducklings at Pennywell Farm nursed back to health by swimming in a teacup.

Warning: adorable overload!


Awww...that hedgehog in the blue cast: so heartbreaking!

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