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December 16, 2007


[ b ] e c k e r

I am glad you are blogging again Bean. Where else would I find awesome, random info such as this? - [ b ]


how i met your mother reference?

Tiffiny Whitney

Thanks for the mailbag explanation. I had no idea "mail" without an "e" before it existed. And it used to be carried in a bag? They could pay people to do that kind of menial work? Geez. I'm glad we live in the United States, where such barbaric practices no longer exist.


Matt in HB

I have visited Sweden many times for both business and pleasure and I have say it's one of Europe's most beautiful countries. I spent 6 months in a town called Norrkoping, about a 1.5 hour drive south of Stockholm, and really loved it.
When this is finished, I strongly suggest you go check it out Bean.
Heck, I may even go check the Moose out when I do my next Saab European Delivery.

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