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December 01, 2007



Coming soon on dvd, Girls Gone Bad. Hmmmmm!


I don't even look that good on my driver's license, gym membership or passport photos and i made an effort on all 3!!!
Npt to mention, I hadn't been in handcuffs or the back of a patrol car, which would seriously stress me out.
Maybe i'm not as hot as I think I am.

Vic Rattler

#1, the redhead with short pigtails, step forward please...
Yes officer, that's her.


Why are they all smiling? I certainly wouldn't be smiling if I was being arrested!


Can you all jump up and down two times? Thank you.

Kings Fan

Wonder what goes on in Cell Block H to get them to smile like that while in jail.

Amy Souza

only you bean.....only you.


Thank you, Bean. #2 is going up on my wall.

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