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January 30, 2008



Good news "Porcine Ass" is playing at Coachella.


Hell hath no fury like a pig scorned . . . here's hoping that Sophie has a short memory and welcomes Godzilla back to her bed of hay . . .

And thanks for the photos of other members of the family


Poor 'Zilla, he looks so dejected! Maybe Sofie can 'smell' the cancer/chemo and is put off by it somehow... I'm sure he smells different after being in a sterile invironment for awhile. I'm sure once he gets more "piggy" she'll welcome her man back with open hooves. Thanks for the update.


You both have big hearts.


I was going to suggest the same as Cathy, that maybe Godzilla just doesn't smell right to Sophie and that's causing her, um, frozen affections. Pigs are so incredibly intelligent, here's hoping it doesn't take her much longer to accept him back 100%.

Thanks for the pics of the other animals. I keep asking for a cow, but the hubby has put his foot down. Can I get away with just bringing one home and saying "oops"? It worked with the chickens.

Cathy G.

Thanks for the pictures of the other kids in the barn... I loved every one of them. My heart melted a little when i looked into Buttercup's eyes.


to bad you're not super fond of people and kids, you could open a frickin pettin zoo and make $$$ out the A. ...i'm just sayin


Glad to see 'Zilla up and around. He could probably use the extra space Sophie is giving him while he recovers.

The rest of your family is GORGEOUS. Those are some beautiful photos Bean.

Erick V.

It makes me tearfully happy to see someone who loves his animals as much as you do. Phrases like, "the only home she ever knew" show that you sympathize with them as you would someone of your own species. That people like you exist gives me faith in a less barbaric future. You better keep taking care of those animals for the sake of all mankind.


Poor Godzilla. I hope he can come back to his regular bed soon. Love the pics of the other animals.


I thought that was so cool how Sophie was waiting when Godzilla was coming out of this ride.

One question though. Why does Sophie talk like Ricky Ricardo?


Look, if you took off for a while and just happened to blow back home, ya think you're coming back to open arms, or in Zilla's case
a loving snout.

Tiffiny Kaye Whitney

I'm so happy that Godzilla is okay. I didn't know it was his THIRD diagnosis! Wow! Let's hope he doesn't get skin cancer again!

And let's hope that Sophie and Godzilla get back on speaking terms soon!

Thank you for the other pictures of some other farm animals. I actually really like seeing pictures of your pets. Why no sheep? I think "Fat Ass" is cute.


Angry Adam

Just wondering, how come after reading about your farm animals and seeing their photos I suddenly get hungry?

Bohemian Jester

oh, the drama!


So happy to know he's home, even if he has been banished to the sofa.

Bean, do you have any other dogs (or cats)? Is Tater the only house pet?


Damn you......damn you for making me feel


Thank you for the update! I am so glad Godzilla is better and I hope Sophie warms up soon.

The rest of the family looks great too. I wish I didn't live in a city and I could have more of a variety of pets.

christine fung

first of all, im so happy godzilla is back home! i hope he and sophie are back to normal soon. girls can definitely hold a grudge...

secondly, that photo of happy is the best thing i have ever seen.

love + miss you guys!!!

:) christine



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