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January 15, 2008



Don't mention it!

brother john

I'm not feelin the love. I feel the same way though. My favorite people are those who just LEAVE ME ALONE. You know who you are.


Gee, Bean, what are you trying to say?

michelle k

so you're in a good mood today! ;-)


Hmmm, you could just ignore those requests and not try to sound like such a jerk here you know. Alienating people who actually read this probably not the best idea.


Thanks for making it OK to "Just say NO"!!


Gotcha. But if you send me your mailing address, I can add you to my Christmas card list.


Will you be my Orkut friend?


Don't be gay Bean

Amy Souza

how bout coming over for dinner?


I HATE it when I see someone I haven't seen in a while and they ask, "hey, I sent you a MySpace/Facebook/Yahoo message weeks ago, how come you never responded?!"

If it's important, don't put it on a social networking trite. Er, site. I go months without logging onto those sites.

For the record, this is the only blog I read, and I don't write one either. I'm just a Bean fan. Thanks, Bean.



It's ok Bean, you don't have to be my firend on just one of them if thats whats bothering you, you can be my friend on all of them!


No, I don't want to read your rambling, inane, pointless blog.

But its like a car wreck: I just can't look away.

cathy g.

bean, you are awesome.


I keep getting messages from people on Spock and I have no idea what that is either...i guess its like linkedin


If there's one thing I've always loved with you, Bean, it's your way with people.


Damn bizean, what if I want to hit you up on AIM to chat up a storm about the post office or debate Pluto and Clyfe Tombaugh?



Can we just be low tech snail mail pen pals then????



I don't think I'd mind those sorts of requests half so much if they didn't seem to be the result of someone just dumping their contact list into some "invite your friends" field. Okay, fine: You want me to join. If you're really my friend, then you know I'll want a Damn Good Reason (TM). C'mon! Make it personal! It is, after all, all about me...


All - this comment section does not get read by you-know-who. Don't act the fool and address him by name or pseudonym. We all know his nickname, what he does for a living, where he lives, etc. He moved away for a reason - to get away from everyone. Think about it.


Since it's not on the list would you mind if I put you in my Fave 5?


Bean... stop being a little bitch


I couldn't agree with you more. I can't imagine the volume of invites you get.


But-but-but... Yelp is so informative and fun! It's where you get to listen to 20-something vegetarians being "forced" to go to *this* steakhouse for a family dinner, then bitch about the lack of vegetarian options.


whaaaaa! but i have linked your blog to my pointless boring blog. how dare you not want to be my friend!

(just kidding, i love you and your small farm and the seattle seahawks just the same)


Don't get your panties up in a bunch!

By the way would you be my friend on Myspace/Yelp/Friendster/Google Talk? Please?!

Princess Leah

What about Plaxo? Want to be my connection? ;)

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