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January 16, 2008



The truth is out there.


I will be ticked off if I never get the chance to pump green women with three boobies.


Hard as it is to resist making a joke about how long "intelligent humans" have been around, if by that phrase you are referring to Homo sapiens, we've only been around for about 250 thousand years - not millions. Other hominids have been around for millions of years - Homo habilis emerged about 2 million years ago, and Homo erectus about 1 million years ago, but even the Neandertals didn't emerge until about 250 thousand years ago. So your blink of an eye analogy is even more apt.

brother john

I have to agree with you on the low percentages angle, but its pretty clear that some of the people I know, including several members of my immediate family, have been replaced by pod-people. I'm just sayin...


Folks, no worries. What these people spotted was Tom, Katie and Suri Cruise on their way to New York to promote Katie's new film "Mad Money". There will probably be another spotting in a couple of days when they return home.


There must me something is this town's water!

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