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January 10, 2008



I feel your pain. My company uses Dell computers also and tomorrow I am having my hard drive replaced because my computer is a POS. Every day I feel like throwing it out the window and have proposed that if these are the best computers our company can purchase then we may as well just go back to paper and pencel. There is a funny YouTube video about people frustrated with their computers that I just received this morning from someone else in my company who feels the same way I do. Check it out:


I purchased a Dell computer a month ago for work and the hard drive has already crashed!I spent 2 hours on the phone with them. They are supposed to send a new hard drive in the mail. Then I get the pleasure of waiting another 2 weeks for a service tech to show up. I'm going to the apple store to get a Mac today!!


After years of trying to make it work with Dell, I just bought my first iMac computer and I couldn't be happier. The best part is that it now runs on Windows so I didn't have to experience a painful learning curve and got up and running quickly.

When I find the time I'll learn about all the fancy applications on the Mac side of my hard-drive.


Thanks Bean for the heads up. My husband and I should be in the market for a new computer soon and I'll definitely make sure to steer clear of getting a Dell. *looks up only to realize that my work computer is indeed a Dell*

Dude, we're not getting a Dell.

Tiffiny Whitney

I got a Dell laptop from my aunt. ::Sigh:: I like Apples better too, but they're unfortunately a fortune. I would assume that you probably have a better financial situation that I do and can afford an Apple. Poor people like me though? Sorry...but Dell is the poor man's computer.


We went Mac and we'll never go back! Eff the motha effing PCs!!


I have been working with Dell computers for about 8 years. I will say this - if your company doesn't buy the Optiplex line of desktops or the Latitude line of laptops, your are treated as a home user. If you are using the business line of computers and you have the Gold support (4 hour onsite) then once Dell's crappy 1st level customer support "proves" that your PC has an issue they show up in 4 hours with the correct parts. I have only had problems with Dell when not using the Business class equipment and when companies are too CHEAP to purchase the premium support. Time is money people - how much do you lose in down time because you saved some money on support up front?


where did you get the pic of the burning computer? that can't be yours, you said yours is up and running...


I'm also a loyal Mac person and have been for about 10 years. I'd never go back to PCs. Also, I found similar hate web sites for BofA when I was having customer service problems with them (big surprise) last year. I did actually have a repair guy show up about 5 minutes after the beginning of my window once. I was asleep, had to come to the door in pajamas and was shocked to find him standing there.


I agree with Aaron. My company uses Dell (the Optiplex line) and I have no problems with either my machine or the service. I have a Dell at home and have had no problem with the machine. I do not use the service because I fortunately for me, I can service my own computer if needed. So it is all in what you are willing to pay for. You are paying more for Apple Brand computers, cell phones, and MP3 players and the service that comes with them. If you fork out the same money for the service on PCs you probably won't be disappointed. If you don't like Dell, you are free to go with HP, Samsung, Hitachi. If you don't like Apple... You're stuck.


I'm on a Mac at work, a fact for which I am grateful every time someone has to have their PC taken away to PC heaven.

Macs cost more up front, but they generally last longer than cheaper PCs. I've had my current laptop for about two and a half years and it's still going strong. The one I had before that lasted nearly six years.

By the by, Apple Stores often have open-box stock -- perfectly good computers that can't be sold as new because they were used as floor models, the box was damaged, or the model is no longer in production. It's worth the time it takes to call around. is also a great resource for getting Mac stuff relatively cheaply.

Come on, PC users. Drink the user-friendly Kool-Aid.

Edmund F

Here's the problem...if Dell Blowwws then what do you get? Gateway has gone downhill, not getting a HP, Compaq or eMachine. I heard Alienware was good, but might as well Get a Mac for that price.

Unfortunately Macs are toooo expensive and have crappy software support (Running on a shell sucks). Heard nothing but positive on the hardware though.

What's a poor comp nerd to do??


I ONCE had a service tech show up at the beginning of the appointment window. It was for a DirecTV install (the kind where they move your service when you move) and the guy actually called me before my appointment window to see if he could come early because he had a consolation. I felt like I had won something!

So, I'll say that I don't use dells, wouldn't use dells if I had the choice, and I would not recommend dells to pretty much anyone.

That said, not all pcs are dell and there are a lot of good machines out there.

As a personal preferance, for a laptop I'd advise getting a toshiba. I'd advise against getting an HP. I'd advise reinstalling windows from the start because of all the crap that gets put on a new computer.

I don't believe that Macs are inherently better than PCs (by which I assume everyone here means Windows)--in fact, I'd say that generally the hardware is better on a PC than on a Mac. If you find that after a few years your computer isn't running that great then it might be because of all the junk that piles up and not because the machine is a piece of junk (though it may be. YMMV)

Finally, if you're tired of windows, maybe you should try something else. While Macs are an option, try looking into linux. I have been trying out Ubuntu for a few months and I really like it.


The last time I purchased a dell, I wiped their Operating System and put on a brand new Windows XP OS. They put a lot of their own stuff on the original install which is not really needed and eventually slows the pc down.

Its funny when I do data recovery for my business, most computers systems I recover data from are Dell's. Keep in mind dell doesn't make their own hard drives, but still have the highest need for data recovery.


Unfortunately, Bean, I do have a Dell computer in my home, like you, because of my work. And less than a year old, it's already having power issues. Lucky for me, I can return it to my employer's IT department and let them deal with Dell. I know a couple other people who have brutal Dell, I mean, Hell stories.


Lets all pick a day and then on that day nobody buys a Dell!!!!! That will show them.

Seriously, to everyone who reads this. Don't buy Dell. I've never been able to understand why people do it. What I do is wait till those ads come out for Fry's (yeah, they suck too) and then just buy a computer that's on sale that doesn't have big name. These computers work fine, I never have any problems and I get a new one every couple of years. You can get a new one for under $400. They go up from there the bigger the name. Just stop buying Dell people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've vented before in a comment left on your blog about my dealings with Dell. On the other hand, I recently ordered an iPhone, but have had trouble with Fed Ex delivering it. So I called Apple last (Friday) night. The customer service rep could not have been more helpful in getting the situation straightened out.


computers suck

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