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January 06, 2008


god damn it bean you better make up for this horrible entry tomorrow

Vic Rattler

If memory serves "SuperDeluxe" is affiliated with TimeWarner and therefore on the other side of the picket line.

Your friend is a scab, may he get cancer of the eyes, and suffer a family tragedy.

Will Ferrell's is independent and a great site. Go union.

brother john

Shame on you Bean for having a friend or (gasp) even a relative that doesn't fit into Vic's very narrow definition of what is acceptable.(end sarcasm)
It's your blog. If the readers don't like what you post they have plenty of other options available. Kind of like the other options that make the writer's strike meaningless to the average Joe on the street. Go Capitalism.

Larry Wachs

You guys are mean and jealous.

Just because Will Ferrell is famous and has all the money and millions of fans doesn't necessarily mean he's better. It just so happens it does in this case, but it's not a guarantee, is all I'm saying.

And you know what? Yeah, I've made some mistakes. I've had some clunkers. Like the first 5 or 6 episodes of the series, but I've had some gems. I consider Episode #7 my
"Anchorman," to be candid.

Oh, and unions suck. They are filled with greedy bullies with nothing positive to say...LIKE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No! No! NO!

nothing positive to say

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