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January 08, 2008



That looks like its made out of 1 piece of wood! That's impressive! Got to admire the craftsmanship!


that's horrifying. my mother used to threaten to hit us with a wooden spoon for discipline. may she never see your blog...

brother john

What the Japanese plaques says that the English version doesn't: "This spoon left behind when Godzilla kicked his cocaine habit."


Oh Bean, how I ache to read your World's Largest Things blog. Why do you tease us? Please quit your job and divorce you wife so you have time for more blogs.

If you did, you could count me in as a reader ;)

Vic Rattler

At least it really is what it purports to be, it's wooden and resembles a spoon, as opposed to all those giant concrete replicas of walnuts and such.

Japan does roadside attractions right.

can you imagine eating a bowl of oatmeal with that? outrageous!

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