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January 14, 2008



Pretty amazing. I stayed at a lodge in the Amazon that had a pet tapir. She liked to have her belly scratched.

Vic Rattler

Bees? BEES!? All bees should be destroyed. Little flying terrorists.

Bean loves bees, typical.


Good Lord! Just hope she's housebroken!!


oh my goodness! i'm in love with a hippo. thanks bean!


mummy! daddy! i WANT a baby hippo! not just any, THAT one, nooow!




Your blog takes too long to load. I suggest you limit the number of posts per page for our convenience.


the only reason that fatass animal stays there is because it's so easy for her to get food. I don't see her getting disciplined in any of the clips, particularly when she snapped at the dog. Why the hell would she go back to a pack of wild hippos when she can have people stuff her fatass with apples? 90% of that video was her being fed!


Too FN cute. Wish I lived where they would just wash up on my porch. I was fortunate to see one poop at a zoo in Mexico. They whip their tails around in a circle so as is comes out (like a play doh factory) it sprays everywhere. Wonder if jessica painted their walls yet?


But have you seen that guy on tv this week who is putting on a hippo outfit to get close to a hippo?? Including footage of him inside the fake hippo suit? Oh my did I laugh out loud!

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