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January 18, 2008



At least Tater Tot is on the list. I have a beautiful Jack Russell puppy who isn't on the list. But she is still special to me.

Sorry to hear about your pig. I hope he gets better soon.


Wouldn't a tennis ball be easier to play with?


OMG, that look on her face says, "c'mon, I dare ya!" So sweet.


Cute picture. Contrats on the Kennel Club's recognition. Good luck with you beloved pig. Have a nice weekend!


My wife and I have a bulldog as well and she was all happy when she heard the news yesterday...


Personally I prefer Westies! is there a webite i can go to look up where they're ranked? AKC website?! n e who have a good time in Seattle on your island

Angry Adam

Guess what? I don't have a bulldog! I have a Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle mix (Golden Doodle) and they rule! And do you know what? My dog doesn't give a rat's arse if he's on the list or not. And neither do I. Why would you buy a dog that is on the popular list? That means there are lots and lots of them. Why would you want something that everyone else has one of also? Be original people!!


Adam, you dolt!!! Lots of people don't get these dogs because they are popular! They are on the popularity list because lots of people get them!

Plus, these are only pure-bred dogs. Millions of us have mutts and those are not represented.

Angry Adam

Sticks and stones...

That's the exact reason people get them, 'cause they're popular. You people can't think for yourselves, so you buy what the AKC tells you what to buy. Follow the herd, Delilah, follow the herd like a sheep. BAAAHHHH!


As always, Tater Tot is adorable. Hope your pig gets better.


Congratulations to Tot and her breed for making the list. I'm not surprised my beloved Labrador is on top of the list. Best. Dog. Ever. Don't get me wrong - Bulldogs are cute - but they drool and they fart. Eew!

Tiffiny Whitney



Tiffiny :)


I love Tator Tot friday! I have to fess up and tell you that I have copied your idea and have been posting pics of my puppy on fridays on my blog. :)
I hope that Godzilla will recover and join the rest of his friends back home soon!
all best!

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