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January 22, 2008


Notorious B.R.O.

Dude. This is such an apropos topic. Heath Ledger bit the big one today! I hope for some speecy-spicy jokes tomorrow. Don't disappoint me!


Bean, look what you did! It's not Keanu Reeves or Dane Cook, but Heath Ledger... I certianly didn't see that coming, did you?


You need to add Heath Ledger to the list.


Well, is Heath Ledger young enough for you?

He died today.

But you're right, its a bloody year!


Bean, I'm sure you have heard by now, but as I read this post I have just heard the news about Heith Ledger.....What the hell is going on?


well you can add Heath Ledger to that list. he died earlier today, probably because of his role in brokeback mountain since we all know God hates the gays.


Damn Bean, you jinxed Heath Ledger too! Por Que!!


Bean! you sooth sayer.

Heath Ledger!

Wow, the celebrity carnage continues. I just read an article that said that Ledger starred in two other productions where he played a gay guy prior to "Broke Back Mountain." Maybe he offed himself because he was confused about his sexuality? I'm just saying.


This turned out to be a pretty prophetic posting what with the news about Heath Ledger today. I give this a creepiness factor of 10.


I bet not to many people had Heath on their


You can add another one to the list - Heath Ledger.


This post is eerie in that I see Heath Ledger is not on your list but was found today, dead in his apartment. It's terribly sad, he was only 28. Bean, you've officially creeped me out a little.

Stan Hoskins

Heath Ledger? One less pretty-boy to envy.


This blog is responsible for Heath Ledger.


Bean, did you post this before the news of Heath Ledger's death broke? If yes, that is straight up EERIE! By the way, Britney wont see the end of 2008.

Jake Gyllenhaal's speecy spicy sausage

And now you can add to the list:

Heath Ledger - Oscar nominated actor. He was 28.

I think this list may have precipitated his early demise. I hope you're happy, Bean.


add to that heath ledger today...what a coincidence


Nice Bean! You talk about this and suddenly Heath Ledger turns up dead. Coincidence?!?

Vic Rattler

Anything happen in celebrity news today?


Little did I know when I read your blog this morning, how sad the day would turn out to be.


That Batman movie is going to have a lot of irony.

Jim from Columbus


Please stop the killing! After Amy Winehouse, please just stop!


You post this and Heath dies? Is there a connection?


OMG, Actors dieing.....

Must be the new Actors having babies, that one is so last year......


The one I play is at Suzanne Pleshette was an early score for me this year.


WOW, not add Christian Brando to the list...

They just keep coming!!!

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