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January 27, 2008



14. I'm still trying to get my head around the
fact someone came up with this. Hell, I'm still trying to get my head around the fact I was curious enough to even take part in it!


Me: 13
Husband: 20
21 year old son: 17
17 year old son: Waiting to wake up

Emily Alexis

Apparently this site doesn't want me to FIGHT 5 year olds so much as it wants me to MAKE 5 year olds. It just keeps directing me to a dating website.


26 - But that's because I have no compunction against fighting dirty. Five year olds, if they wanted to be treated fairly or morally, they shouldn't have taken me on in the first place.
On an unrelated note, Marlon Brando's son Christian has died. Is there no end to your reign of celebrity death terror?!


12 - and to think i used to work at a daycare... it should have been way higher.


i'm also redirected to the "justsayhi" dating site.... dammit.

Kings Fan

I'm a little disappointed that my number was only 18. I was looking forward to pounding a few more rude, little brats.

Big Red

I scored 18... the same as you, Bean. I'm afraid even having one thing in common with you is a dangerous thing. If I ever get the urge to paint my house pink I think I'll have to end it all.


ha!! i HATE score was 29!

liz Griffis

dude i got the dating website they hate people who work on Mac computers?! WTF...thanks Bean.....


What is wrong with some people? Both links go right to the website and even if they didn't, Bean told you what the site is called. Just go there if you want to!!


Bean, on this thread: I linked you to a website ( that goes straight to this quiz. That was over a month ago. Nice to know you actually read the comments...

Vic Rattler

Same here, answered all the questions and got sent to a dating website instead of my score.


LiLa & Pookie

WTF?? I took the quiz, but didn't get a score. Now, I'm going to have to kick some 5yr old tushies for real.


Hmm....I scored 18...

And to the people that got linked to the dating website:
Click the direct link, not the picture with Bean's score.


23. I think I scored double for having long arms and legs.


but that's because I beat my 5 year old triplets daily

I'm just sayin'...


23!! and I'm the mother of 2 kids!! Holy crap my kids don't stand a chance!! ahhahhaa


23! Awesome. I'll bet biting a five-year-old is pretty sweet...I mean, they haven't had time to start tasting bitter or anything. Right?


I just keep getting sent to a dating website. Shame on you bean. Do you own the dating website? Are you profiting from this??

tsk tsk tsk


Same as Chris. Kept sending me to the dating web site. And this encouraged by the person who doesn't want to receive email jokes.

Or maybe I needed to do this on Sunday while the authors of the survey were watching the game or something.


People, quityerbitchin' and just click on the link that says click "here" and it goes right to the survey. Why are you making it so hard?


Sorry "Mom" my company has blocked me from "here". Guess I will have to wait till I get home from work.


Hey-- it wouldn't tell me anything-- everytime I pressed what are my results it kept sending me to some dating site.

I want to know how many of the little brats I can waste. As a school teacher, I need to be prepared.


You beat me Bean. I only got 15.

Tiffiny Whitney

Took the test and it redirected me to a freaking dating site. What's up with that? I'm pissed. I was genuinely interested in seeing how many five-year-olds I could take down before they ultimately killed me (yes, I think they'd win eventually).


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