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January 26, 2008



Your leaving out the ending of a perfect day.
And that's getting home by six, having a glass
of warm milk with a cookie and watching reruns
of Lawrence Welk.


Just another reason why you are my hero. I love me some 5:00 dinner. No waiting, no crowds and home just before the rest of the world starts to think about going out for dinner. bliss. But where's Godzilla?? Is he home yet??


Hey Bean, "Memento mori."


Oh Bean, my sweet Bean, I too enjoy the quiet before the storm.... my personal favorite is Mimi's Cafe where I watch all the old people try and decide what juice to have that won't upset their stomach!! hahhaha

cathy g.

Bean - you are so freakin' cool you don't even know it!


Oh, I'm about your age (I think) and I would eat lunch by 11 am and dinner at 4 pm every night if I could

LiLa & Pookie

Bean, you are the man. Donna is a lucky lady to have someone as quirky as you.


It's cuz we get up so effin' early. I'm at work by 6, have my lunch at 11:30 and like my dinner around 5. Like the previous poster crowds--its great. I do wish my favorite ramen place opened earlier than 5:30 though.


Were you able to get the 25 cent cup of coffee that the seniors get? haha jk...

Denny's has the best appetizer sampler...chicken strips..mozzarella sticks...and onion rings which you can sub for fries...Also their coca-cola is probably the best around and even tops pepsi which is the only place that can do that


Our local IHOP is packed on Tuedays due to "Senior Discount Night". And, now they've added "Scrabble Night" to Tuesday. We're not happy when we drive into the parking lot and it's packed. We all say, "Oh no! It's old people night!" Considering we forget about Tuesdays we should be inside playing Scrabble to keep our minds sharp so we don't forget - again!


MMMMMMM, coke float. Love to Godzilla!


I often find myself pushing dinner back deliberately in the day so I'm not doing exactly what you did.


Dude, you just look like a serial killer. Has anybody checked your basement, made sure there aren't the corpses of 30-odd teenaged boys down there?

No offense or whatever.

Tiffiny Whitney


Well, if you want to help your case for avoiding being one of the old, weird people...maybe you oughtta think about cutting that hair...



Bean, after reading this, I am seriously gonna consider taking my own life because I may very well end up being like you when I reach middle age. I'm 27 and I too enjoy having a quiet meal alone at a restaurant such as Denny's with a complete copy of the day's L.A. Times. Talk about a wake up call!

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