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January 01, 2008



Happy New Year, Bean! We have similar tsunami warning signs in So Cal - but our's also include the helpful suggestion to move to higher ground in the event of a tsunami.

Great photos!


very interesting pictures as always!


i've always felt that the tsunami sign is eerie because it appears that the person escaping the wave has realized his impending doom and in his sprint has stopped to look back at the wave. it just looks like he's looking back. when you see a handicap parking sign it doesn't show a person in a wheelchair being hit..i'm just saying


bean, ditch the hair please! i beg of you!


OMG - I totally forgot about the Wildlife Safari! We went there once when I was like 5. I got to pet a tiger. It was awesome!

Tiffiny Whitney

Those are some pretty cool pictures, Bean. Perfect timing to be able to get the hippo while its mouth was open.

BTW--the hair? Javier Bardem-ish from "No Country for Old Men." Either that, or kind of old school Eric Idle. You might want to consider changing that hair....


Frank Murphy

The hair is still windblown from the earlier photograph, right? Are you also working on a contribution to Locks of Love?

Stefan Mayer

Keep the hair, lose the face. Hair is easy to fix. Face, not so much!


Regarding the top picture: Wow, I can't believe you met Rush Limbaugh while you were on vacay!

Happy 2008, Bean.


Good pictures Bean. You have some real talent. Number three kinda freaks me out. I'm gonna try to avoid looking at that one.


On a trip to Sweden this summer, I had a week-long argument with my Swedish friend about whether their state animal was an elk or a moose. Finally at the end of the trip we learned that what we call moose, the Europeans call elk.

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