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January 13, 2008



A Mariners reference. We are only about a month away from players reporting to spring training and the greatest game in sports returns. Yaaaaaaaay! Go..............Angels!


The Hawks ran up against a reborn and re-invigorated Brett Favre. Even in that snow, and with the initial fumbles by Grant, the Pack was outstanding . . .

Go Bolts!


Awww Bean....I think you forgot "reamed".
Hey man, if it would make you feel any better, I got some left over brats here you can have.
Always good to see that Brett Favre luv. =)

Emily Alexis

Yeah, that pretty much sucked. And now I get to hear about it from all these damn cowboys fans.


"Dominated. Crushed. Licked. Overpowered. Humbled. Trashed. You get the idea.

Okay, they were ruined. Surmounted. Thwarted. Conquered. Mastered. Undone. Obliterated.

Still not getting it? How about hammered? Pounded. Vanquished. Bested. Rode hard and put up wet. They were crippled. Subdued. Tamed. Cooked. Destroyed. Shellaced. Pulverized. Totalled."

that's what she said


Until you guys ditch that overrated and folicly challenged QB, you won't ever win the big game.

Vic Rattler

Has a team you loved at the time ever won a championship Bean? Because it's a pretty great feeling.
Ducks 2007
Dodgers 1988

Yeah, good times.


bean's Terps won a championship a few years back "Fear the Turtle!"


I see your thesaurus has come to good use, Bean.


Just a small correction, that might take a bit of the sting away. The Packers went on to only score 6 touchdowns, not seven (7!!!!). That should make ya feel a little bit better about Saturday's game. A 22 point beat down, is not as bad as a 29 point pounding. Right?


Wow Bean your "man didn't the Seahawks suck Saturday" post is much better than mine on my blog.

Fred G

I guess Green Bay just wanted it more.


seattle has a baseball team?????

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