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January 23, 2008



You know what drvies me crazy? Every time it rains for more than 5 minutes you have the news talking about "StormWatch". Seriously, how do they keep a straight face?

Emily Alexis

Growing up, we moved away from California for a while. When we came back, everyone on the news and started calling it "the southland". So annoying. Where did that come from? And why don't they call Sacramento "the northland". Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Edmund F

In honor of Heath Ledger I listened to the Government Issue song, “I’m James Dean”. I love early 80’s DC Punk.


2fer...I HATE 2fer!!

Doppler 7000 +


"It's a new day, let's get going"


"good evening, I'm Paul Moyer..."


I absolutely cannot stand all media's obsession with death tolls and their desire to keep them rising or the hope that they will rise. It is ALWAYS "at least x number of people were killed", or the "storm killed AT LEAST 13 people." I swear, I still hear references to the LA riots, which killed "at least" 67 people. Really. Are they expecting to find new dead bodies from an event over a decade ago? At least zero people have died so far from today's killer storm. When there is a exact death count, the phrase "at least" no longer need be used.

Thanks for allowing me to rant. Bloodthirsty media.

Eric Leckey

Everytime there is a a dog parade, or a dog show, something with dogs that is a news filler, usually at the end of the newscast, the anchor (usually a woman that does this one) says, "It looks like Santa Monica is -going to the dogs-"
And they always sound so pleased with themselves as though they are George Carlin and just thought up something clever and witty. DIE news anchors


I recall sending an e-mail to a couple of goofballs who BOTH used the phrase "12 Noon". It's either 12 pm or Noon. Not both. Just a little peeve.


The premier of American Idol last week reminded me that it's time to hear the word "pitchy" like million more times than I would have ever heard that word in my life...which is to say never. I know I'm not in the music biz, but to quote Princess Bride "That word! I do not think it means what you think it means." It just bothers me. If you really think about it, all singing is pitchy... that is to say, it has pitch. It makes me cringe every time I hear it.


Well - I'm not sure if this counts as annoying - but when I was a kid, the disclaimer "Void Where Prohibited" sounded like "voidwear prohibited". Now, what the F- is "voidwear"? It took me longer than I'd like to admit to figure out what was going on.

Tiffany Begin

It's not a PHRASE, but it really drives me nuts when people use the word "ARE" for "OUR" while writing something.


I think it's when a certain someone refers to the Red Hot Chili Peppers as "RHCP." Is he that lazy? Who the f calls them that??


i cant stand when people say "i could care less" shouldnt it be "I couldnt care less"

could care less implies it would be possible to care less meaning you DO care


i hate, emphasis on HATE the phrase "it is what it is" no Sh--- everything is what it is...


I'm going to have to go with 'should of' instead of 'should have' or 'should've.' I've seen it written so it's not just a pronounciation issue.


"Like" used as a filler
If I hear "juggernaut" one more time! I swear

not words but still worth mentioning
" Whatever floats your boat "
"what it do nephew"


At the risk of sounding like a tool, it annoys me when weathermen (namely KABC Los Angeles' Danny Romero) use the word "temps". Are you that lazy that you can't pronounce the whole word?

Rob Perkins

Slightly off-track but what annoys me no end is when I hear people refer to something as being "addicting"...NO!! It's addictive!!!
Also - why do people refer to chidrens building blocks as Legos? It's Lego, the plural is Lego. I know - I checked their website and nowhere did the word Legos appear.
Get it right people.


FER in the place of FOR. It does not bother me, but is "fer" a word? In fact I am completely guilty of using it myself. Thought it would be an interesting comment.
Goddess blessing's to your Godzilla.


BREAKING NEWS! Come on news directors, not everything is BREAKING NEWS!


I really dislike the weatherman in LA who says things like, "it's gonna be a kinda crazy-ish day, weather-wise" and "looks like that low pressure system is gonna kinda swoop in and start kinda messin with our weekend", etc. I was born and raised in southwestern PA where there is not a 'g' to be found on any past participle (or adverb or whatever those -ing words are) so one might think I would appreciate such blather but that is not the case. He's just a caricature now. He MUST stop.

Also, I loathe everything that Ann Curry (TODAY show) says. Everything. Loathe it. And her. Loather her, too. Loathe.


Even though it's gaining more acceptance, I LITERALLY cannot stand people who use the word LITERALLY when it's not called for. "I was so shocked my head literally exploded!" Really? Because I wish it would!


My least favorite phrase always begins: "This is the first time since ..." and usually ends with something that happened just a few days/months/years ago. Just a week or two ago we heard: "GW Bush visits Isreal, this is the first president since Clinton to visit Isreal ..." DUH -- this is the only president we've had since Clinton! Another (least) favorite is: "This is the first time the 'blanks' have beaten the 'blanks' in the regular season since ..." Yes, since the LAST first time they did it! If it's the FIRST time ... it can only happen ONCE!

Wow ... I had forgotten how these sorts of phrases really get me irritated! Thanks for the reminder!! Oh, and hogs and kisses to Godzilla!

Heather - Long Beach, CA

"please enter your PIN number"

which translates to "please enter your Personal Identification Number number"

The LA County Fair uses "funner" in their promotions every year - NO SUCH WORD! -

ok, of course they've been forced to let it into the dictionary based on usage.. but it still drives me crazy that a huge legitimate promotion would use bad english....


When reality shows say that they received "A record number of votes cast". They all say it - every time there's a vote. C'mon.


Sierras drives me crazy. Anyhoo is really starting to piss me off.


Having worked in a newsroom, I offer the following:

innocent bystander

Who says that?

Stray bullet


And the most annoying to me is "exclusive." That word is overused all the time. Listen to promos for Dateline or any of the news shows and they say they have an "exclusive" interview with _______. For example, an exclusive interview with Obama. Really? He'll talk to ANYONE in the media. It's a joke.

Great topic!

Angry Adam

You know what I hate? People that get off the subject. "What words or phrases do you hear on radio or television that drive you crazy?" -- NOT the plural of Lego, NOT the LA County Fair, NOT literally, and NOT 'fer', 'for', 'our' and 'are'. Come on people, cliche's are just that - cliche! If you think about all the things you hate, you are wasting way too much of your time.


I have a love hate relationship with "I'm just saying"


In southern California, it seems that the only people who use the term "Southland" are me and the people who do the news.


Bean, you are such a nerd. I am finally reading this crap after hearing this morning about you posting a blog about "roadways". Jeeez, Bean... be cool! For once, try to be cool.

BTW, Hello Kitty does rock, I am with you on that!


ppl that say.... LATER GATER ... iono just stupid little things like that..

Tiffiny Whitney

I have a thing when people call me "sweets" or "love" or something to that effect. My boyfriend calls me "booja" (because I guess it's a nickname for another nickname--boobila, or "baby" in Italian), but that's about the only pet name I can stand. My sister calls EVERYONE "love" or "my love," and if feels so insincere that it drives me batty.

Argh. I'd never really thought about it before. Wow. Turns out it really does annoy the hell out of me.


Mr. Mustachio

Not exactly a specific phrase, but there are 2 main things that annoy me with the local news broadcasts.
1. Weathermen/women never come on the day after making a horrible prediction about the weather and apologize. Where's the accountability?
2. Having female sportscasters who don't even come close to pronouncing the players' names correctly. I'm all for having a pretty face give me a sports recap, but there are plenty of pretty faces who actually take an interest in sports.


One word:



My pet peeve is when the newscaster, who is about to show some previously recorded video, tells me to "take a look at this". As opposed to averting my eyes?


"Good times," which I hear all the time on Love Line said by the amazingly smart and otherwise awesome Dr. Drew. Usually he says it after some poor kid just told him she was raped by her uncle. "Good times."


My pet peeve is Freeway names. "The Pasadena Freeway, The San Diego Freeway, The Santa Ana Freeway" Give me the numbers and north or south when your giving the Freeway updates (please talk to Lisa May), North 710, South 5 Fwy. When you're giving directions to friends do you ever say, " Yeah, you wanna hop on the Santa Ana freeway then take the Riverside Freeway East" Nooooo, you say take the 5 South to the 91 East.


Dearest Bean,
The word that makes my skin crawl everytime I check into a hotel and the staff refer to me as a 'guest'. If I'm a guest then why am I paying for the room, why are you charging me for movies, the gym and room service and why do I need to leave a tip?

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