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January 03, 2008


Chris G.

Damn straight! Nice "Strongly worded letter."


Oh my. I, too, am not super involved w/ PETA - my friend Kristin is, and I'll share this w/ her (and my other peeps on myspace).

But I love this letter. We are so arrogant as people to think we are the "superior" creatures, yet we can't even live in harmony w/ our environment. And we harm innocent animals (the polar bears are becoming extinct because of our waste and greed which led to global warming) thinking they are the lowly "bottom of the food chain". How ignorant of us! Thanks for attempting to make people more aware of the ethical treatment of animals and how it should not be neglected.


Amen, brother. And please cc this letter to Ms. Blige. Trapping wild animals is no more humane than raising and electrocuting chinchillas.


You go, Bean!

Vic Rattler

EDIT NOTE: The "I'm not crazy" part needs to come before the part where they think they know what's coming. If they get that first they stop reading & the letter gets tossed. When writing something someone might not want to read all disclaimers must come up front.


Bean, while I agree with you wholeheartedly about the abhorrent practice of killing animals to just to wear their fur, I must point out that you yourself mention that “science has made impressive gains in the area of realistic synthetic furs. It is now quite difficult to tell the difference between faux and real fur” so how can you be sure that they are wearing real fur? Both these ladies are stars and surely have enough money to purchase the very best in realistic synthetic fur so it is conceivable that one, if not both, are wearing said faux fur. I just want to throw that out there before we condemn them.

If, however, they are wearing real fur, then I hope the hundreds of poor little creatures that were killed to create their coats come back to haunt them in their dreams for the rest of their lives.

Tiffiny Whitney


I was going to agree with Heather, but I researched "Mary J. Blige and fur" first to see if she had come out with any official position on wearing fur or not (such as whether she's a PETA supporter or not). Turns out that you're right--that's a full mink coat, and I bet Patti's wearing some real fur too. That's a GREAT letter.

Secondly though...I don't mean to burst your bubble, but unless a TON of people (and I mean a ton) send letters to that address regarding the same topic (and even then, maybe not)...she'll likely never even see it. I used to work at an agency when I first moved out to Los Angeles, and it was one of the things the receptionist was assigned to do--separate the agency mail from the fan mail, and throw the fan mail the hell out. I find a majority of the time...stars aren't really interested in fan letters, even though they may say so. And if it's read and answered--it's likely by someone paid to "be" Patti in writing.

Your best bet would be to utiize any contacts you have in the music business (if you have any...) to see if you could get a message to either her, or her representatives. Being that you once lived in the bad place, you may know someone, or know someone who knows someone.

Best of'd really be helpful for Patti to see that.



Mad props, Bean.


And why hasn't anyone mentioned how unattractive those coats really are (especially Patti's). It looks like they are both wearing bedspreads from a 70's era bedroom. There are plenty of nice looking coats you can wear to stay warm in N.Y.


Bean has taken a stance that everyone can agree on? blasphemy!

Jim M.

The blasphemy was yesterday. Today's post and comments are examples of cultural shifts.


These ladies probably do not even own these coats. They are probably "borrowed" a practice that a lot of famous people partake in these days. Rest assure, these ladies are probably too cheap to fork over the money needed to purchase one of these furs. I find this flagrant display to be very pompous and arrogant. I myself will not purchase or listen any music (not that I ever did) that either of these women produce in the future, neither will watch them on television or in films.


Personally - I won't be satisfied until those two are wearing bright yellow coats. Made from the fur of 10,000 baby ducklings.


To be serious – these coats do seem AWFULLY excessive. Not that I don't also use animal products in my every day life taken (from those animals in just as horrible ways). See: meat, & almost all products. There is a reason living vegan is such a drab expensive pain in the bottom. We use animal byproducts in MOST of our daily life - without even thinking about it.

While I can't justify my actions rationally - I do it anyway. Join the club - it's called "almost everybody". Again... no excuse...



I may be late to the party here, but Bean, isn't it just ONE groove on vinyl?

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