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January 20, 2008



you and donna are the perfect parents. i hope he gets better soon.


Since reading about Godzilla in your old blog, he has been one of my favorite members of your menagerie. Best wishes for his speedy, and complete, recovery.


Coming from someone who has many a visits to the vet, i.e. broken hip, eye infection, skin infection, etc., I understand completely where you are coming from. I wish the best for Godzilla, Donna and yourself. This is a hard time, but you'll all get through it I'm sure!


Awww, he's adorable, Bean. Sending out warm healing wishes to Godzilla. May he be rolling in mud with Sophie Marie ASAP.


Both you and Donna show a great love and compassion for your "kids" and I'll toss a prayer up to the Big Guy that everything works out for you guys.

As for yesterdays blog. Don't care about Si- Fi monsters. My mother-in-law is the real deal. So pray for me, won't-cha.


I wish your beautiful pig a speedy and sucessful recovery as well as a long and happy life. Give some extra love to Sophie Marie as well. Please keep updating us on Godzilla and post pictures.


my thoughts and prayers are with you both, and here's hoping Godzilla will be cancer free for the rest of his life.

Mike J

Keep strong little one. All those who go through these trials make those who walk with them appreciate their love of you. Best wishes on a speedy recovery.


Go go Godzilla! Cancer does suck, Bean. I'm thinking good thoughts for your little guy, and hope you get to bring him home healed and healthy.


Good wishes to your little porcine pal in his times of trouble. You and Donna are an inspiration to the rest of us pet parents out there. And might I add, Donna is beautiful on that Christmas card. (Godzilla ain't bad either)


Sweet Godzilla! Thoughts and prayers from the east coast for a full & speedy recovery. Hope he's home to the family very soon!


Hey Bean, ever heard of a BLT? I'm just saying...

me! =)

Wow........ Tears started building up looking at those pics! I must say, getting to know more & more about you Bean and I've gotta tell ya, you & Donna are truly great people to look up to....Living in CA & to have lots of land (in somewhere that's semi-civilized) would cost a fortune but having all the animals you have would be such a dream!!! It doesn't matter if they are animals, you two are truly great parents! My thought are definitely with you & the rest of your clan during this hard time......

me =)


No problem Bean, will do. Keep us updated.


Aw, I'm so sorry to hear about your sick pig. Can't believe how friggin' ADORABLE he was as a baby. (Still cute but not the same as when he was a baby.)

When my father-in-law had cancer I heard from everybody with their 'cures.' Unfortunately Pop wasn't open-minded and passed pretty quickly. Still, there is a theory out there I heard over and over again. If your body is only given alkalized material to live on, cancer cells can't survive. In other words, if you take the acidic food out of your diet and only eat/drink alkalized foods you'll be way healthier.

I just got a water purification system that does all this. They ain't cheap but if it's works it's better than the pain of chemo. I hope Godzilla is better soon.


he's so precious! i'm sending godzilla all of my good vibes for a speedy recovery. cancer does suck!


Good thoughts and vibes and hugs and stuff to you and Donna and the piggies. I'd throw in a "Cancer Sucks" t-shirt, but I'm having a hard time finding one in a pig XXXXL. Perhaps a visor?

may the baby pig jesus live long and thrive.

Amy Souza

ah Godzilla.....i hope that you feel better soon. I hate cancer. i hope he's home playing in the mud and eating nilla wafers as soon as possible.


I'm happy to see such great pet parents. I always enjoy the pictures you put up of your adorable little bulldog and farm animals. I love pigs and I hope yours gets better soon.


Just had a little prayer about Godzilla to St. Francis....bless you all. I'm thinking of him.


Our Godzilla at the radio station has blogged about yours today


Get well Godzilla!! You guys rock as pet parents. :)


I hate seeing animals suffer...Get well soon Godzilla


:( my little godzilla...i hope with all the hope possible that you get better real soon. you are such an incredible inspiration. i love you very much and hope you can go home real soon...i will be thinking about you...

michelle k

look at that picture of you and donna and godzilla.. he's absolutely smiling!

best wishes & good thoughts for godzilla and his loving parents..

Tiffiny Whitney

Prayer going Gozilla's way! I salute you for going through all that effort to save a pig. I don't think many people would do that even for a dog (because of the expense).

I hope Godzilla recovers well!!!


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