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January 25, 2008



That is such a cute picture of Tater. My puppy likes to sit on the center console of my car as I drive and if she has had a particularly long day at daycare (yes, doggy daycare because I don't want her to be alone while we are at work) she will actually fall asleep sitting up with her head resting on my hand or shoulder.

I am so happy to hear that you will be able to bring Godzilla home on Sunday. I bet Sophie Marie will be very happy to see him! Thank you for the pictures.

michelle k

yay! he will be so happy to be home. :)


Great Tater photo, and I'm so glad to hear the mighty Godzilla is coming home

Tiffiny Whitney


I hope Godzilla gets better soon! :)


I always enjoy Tater Tot Fridays, but today's was super cute! The Tater just looks too cute for words and can only be expressed with a sigh and an "aaaawe!".

LiLa & Pookie

Thanks for sharing yet another incredible photo of the beautiful Tater!

Congrats on bringing Godzilla home this weekend :-)


I can almost hear her snoring from here. Good news about Godzilla coming home.


Best wishes to Godzilla!

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