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January 05, 2008



Looks like an other, based on a true story roll, for Hillary Swank.


Well, in her defense, she does look a tiny bit upset.....I'm just saying.


I didn't know they were re-making The Exorcist...

Paul Lee

Did anyone notice she appears to be in a straight jacket? Future Britney cell mate. Card carrying member of the 5150 club.


OMG - that's awesome! And why is she wrapped in a grey sheet? Was she arrested naked??

Mister Keith

Amazing what they can do with a little makeup...


oh christ, the first one is just as bad.


In fairness, she looked pretty skanky in the before shots, too.



Jim from Columbus

EXACTLY how women fool us idiots with the whole make-up thingy (plus alcohol).

In the bar, the night before, she looked like Picture A, THEN the next morning you roll over and see Picture B.

Boy, we are just dumb animals.


After looking at the after picture maybe SHE was the one tied up and bitten.


dang, Geo. it's punctuation not rocket science. when in doubt just stick with a little something at the end.

as for this post i would've gone with: Looks like another based-on-a-true-story role for Hilary Swank. Toe-may-toe, toe-muh-toe.

that said... love your comments. never stop sharing. i do appreciate your sense of humor.


damn you Bean... this is what you post on my birthday??? I just heaved my cake. She looks like some coke-whore in the after pic, or like an extra from Trainspotting!!! The woman is GREEN!!!!!!!
I was really hoping for a good blog on my special day. Here's waiting til next year.
P.S. I love you!

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