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January 29, 2008



Bean, I like you because you are odd like me. It is nice to know there is at least one other person out there who is fascinated by the weirdest things.

Can't wait for the Godzilla update. Happy to hear he is home!


You neglected to mention that Gaslight also stars the GREAT Angela Landsbury in her first movie role . . .

Good news about Godzilla


I really liked Gaslight, it was one of those films that I frought to have to watch, but once I was into the story, I really enjoyed it.


Scientists need to spend millions to research this. I wonder why it is that a person can feel someone staring at them. I hope Gojira(Godzilla in Japanese)is doing well.

Tiffiny Whitney

I can TOTALLY tell when people are looking at me. It's creepy. I don't think I look THAT bad...


Kings Fan

I think your post had a reverse affect on me. I found the content intersting and didn't yawn once. It's with some of the other posts that I find myself yawning.

BTW - did I use "affect" right, or should it have been "effect"?


I did my 8th grade Science Fair Project on hiccups, sneezes & yawns, with a whole section on why yawns are contagious. There was no real answer! But I still got 1st place....

I'm staring at you right now

good God, Bean, who is the creepy dude in the "staring" pic? that's apt to give me nightmares


every blog you post is interesting to me...i like hearing weird facts and stories and i love your animals!

and i think people are staring at you because you are freakishly tall!

Drew Hansen

My wife is like you Bean in that she will "yawn" at the sight, sound or reading. Which is good times for me. Because I will "yawn" then she will "yawn", I will fake "yawn" three or more times. I think it is hilarious my wife doesn't think it is very funny.

Jennifer Thomas

You know its really odd but I yawned two times when reading your blog...spooky. Also I think yawns are contagious through hearing too, this happened to me over the phone really made me think...hard...


yeah i never yawn.....NEVER!!!!


ok, so I went to the comments after I read this cuz I ALWAYS yawn at any suggestion and I SO didn't reading your blog, but.....

reading all the comments with the yawns included, I yawned twice. oh well.

I am so glad Godzilla is doing well!

p.s. I heard we in the bad place have gotten more rain this month than Seattle. What's up with that??????

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