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February 13, 2008


brother john

That house is only 14 years older than my house. It could be made into a home again with three ingredients, time, money, and someone who cares with the will to see it through. Of the three, the last is the most important.


So when do you guys move in? :)

Angry Adam

That thing is an easy million and a half here in SoCal. Is it for sale?


I'm sorry - am I the only one who noticed the ceiling in the top picture has been painted with THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT?!?


I hope that's a real human in that one picture and not a ghost!

Vic Rattler

Time: Check
Money: Check
Caring/Will: ____

Ohhh, so close Bean... unless you make Donna do it.

michelle k

my favorite is open door looking into the room with the chair..... gorgeous! such an erie mood in those photos.

So, what's the deal with the low ceilings in Washington? Every house that I've seen that's two stories (read: all of them) has a second floor ceiling that's about 6.5 feet away from the floor.


Time to call for Norm and This Old House


did the walls start bleeding ?


looks like the kinda place where horrible murders and child abuse happened...

kind of blair witch-y...

gives me the creeps...


I, too, was going to ask about the apparition in the one photo... then I noticed the iridescent magnetic-force-field thing on the door in the through-doorway-to-chair shot. What IS that?

cathy g.

that house gives me the heebie-geebies... seems right up your alley bean.

perhaps donna is thinking his and her houses, she keeps the nice one and you go to this place.


very cool old home! It would be great to restore!!!!


This is straight out of a horror flick!

I think I can see the ghosts of creepy old ladies sitting in those chairs.

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