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February 10, 2008



So what's the real message here. On Valentine's Day, she is the love of your life, your sweet heart, that angel God has sent for you.....Then tomorrow it's back to hookers and blow!


Fingers crossed that my mother remembers to send my a bouquet of flowers from my dogs again this year.


women are the root of all evil. It's nothing you can't replace with a blowup doll.


I can't believe you forgot Intercourse, Pennsylvania. now THAT'S something that says love.


ha! thank you for the chuckle, Diane.


Bittersville, PA 17366
Hell, MI 48169
Lone, KY 41347
Loveless, AL 35961
Singleton, TX 77831

cathy g.

i think i will be moving to bittersville in the near future...

Valentine's day is for suckers. Why this day to buy chocolate and flowers?? Pick any day besides V-day and you will be my valentine the whole year through!


Maybe she just started reading SWL?


Seriously Rose! You hit the nail on the head with that post.

"Bitter, party of one."

Who hurt you?

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