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February 24, 2008



Heeeeeeeeere kitty kitty kitty!


I love that last photo. And the one with the family clad in fake human bodies is unsettling.


I can't even imagine what the context for fuzzy naked family would be, and why is daughter TOUCHING HER FATHER'S FUZZY BITS??!!

Vic Rattler

"Unsettling" is understating it.
A lot.

I wish this comment section had the ability to show photos, so we could all post our favs.

Here's the address for mine.


cathy g

Ok the baby picture is HILARIOUS!!

that naked family creeped me out... EEEWWW!


Ewwwwww! That picture of the family borders on obscene! Gross!



LJ Images are great to peruse and see what people are uploading and how strange and crazy most are. I go there often mysely. However, if you want the context on the photo you are absolutely right you can click on it and it takes you directly to their journal entry that contains the photo. But, the frustrating thing is that the interesting ones where you’d like to read the context…. The dam page is written in German, Russian or some other foreign language that in completely understandable….


I know I'm super late on this comment but ever since you posted this in December I, too, have been hooked. It is my favorite passtime. I've gotten a couple of people in my office hooked. Thanks Bean.



I remember that LiveJournal website from a long time ago. I would have thought you knew about it way before today. I used to love looking at it everyday to see what kinds of weird stuff people post in their journals.


Stupid cat doesn't even know what to do with it.

Angry Adam

I have to call BS on that family photo, as well as that satellite photo of Europe. Other than that, meh. Nothing spectacular.


I LOVE that photo the the kitty in the cleavage! A cute little kitten and a nice pair, two tastes that taste great together!


So...please explain to me why the world is in need of anatomically correct fuzzy suits?

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