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February 08, 2008



Poor Tater . . . My dog is enduring the cone of silence this week, too . . .


Where does one find such an attractive collar? If only Tater Tot knew how stylish she looks in her flowered collar...


My dog had the cone. It was funny/sad when she'd try going out the doggy door...


sweet tater - those cones SUCK!

they make newer, better ones now that are more comfortable and remove the godawful "getting stuck on furniture and dragging down the hallway" frustrations...

comfy cones are super:

as well are the inflatable kind:

... because our tater deserves the VERY best...


I can't think of any dog that is into wearing a party hat!! Hope all is well on the farm.


Only Tater would have a flowered collar...
I own a Basset hound, and for him to wear one is just impossible, he's too low to the ground and the collar acts like a plow! it's quite sad... :)
hope tater feels better

me! =)

It's amazing how calm & depressed they get wearing a cone!! Hope the lil baby tot heals & feels better very soon!

me! =)


Like men's fashions from the Elizabethan era going to do fashions from the same time period go to dogs.



Yo Bean-glad to see u posting again. Check out Charlie's blog (father of a friend of mine) who decided to drive from Pullman to Gila Bend for the winter. He takes lots ofr pictures of atypical monuments, objects; abstract signage, etc...right up your alley!


Get well soon Tater Tot!


"Tater Nation" would be a great name for a blog/website.

Hope your little girl is better soon.


My puppy had an E-collar a few weeks ago because he wouldn't stop chewing on his foot. The hubby discovered that if you get the dog to sit and look up at you, and then drop a treat next to the dog's head, between his head and the collar, you can make a dog run around in circles trying to get his treat. Good times.

I kid! I kid! (we only did that once, maybe twice)

hope all your animals get better.

tater nation reprizizent.


I have a really big dog, and because of his size, the cone he has to wear is HUGE. It sucks for him - he is constantly running into door jams and such. I tried the inflatable collar because it's a lot lower profile, but he figured how to pull that off within an hour. Hope Tater feels better soon!

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