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February 16, 2008



Ah, yes. I remember Dickie Goodman. I used to have that Jaws record. What about Energy Crisis '74? "But we have just ran out of energyyyyy..."


Luniverse was very innovative for its time and can only imagine what the people back then thought when the listened to it. (I wish I lived in the 40's and 50's)

Vic Rattler

"Break-in" records? Interesting...

You ever make one of those Bean?


Ohmygawd- I was just thinking about that "Mr Jaws" record...


Oh my does that take me back!!! I remember listening to Dr. Demento every Sunday night (I think it was on K-MET). After reading your blog I went to I tunes to listen to some of his old songs. I am still looking for "Existential Blues" - by Thomas T-bone Stankus (sp?) it was always my favorite. Poppies, poppies, poppies...


The one I remember the best is Watergrate! I think I still have the 45 somewhere in a box in the recesses of my garage. Thanks for the flashback, Bean!

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