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February 09, 2008



Not to mention, the job just doesn't pay. 400
grand per year to put up with that nonsense. I don't think so!

Vic Rattler

Ok, you make some good points, but if Obama were to be assassinated within the first half hour of his presidency it would be racially motivated. C'mon.

PS: Tblisi, Ha!


I think I like Tater Tot Fridays much better than assassination Saturdays!!

Whatta downer!

Bean, if we don't hear from you again, we'll know the Secret Service paid you a visit.


Yes, the capital of Georgia is Tblisi.
You won't forget that will you?

Christina L.

At the risk of you not approving my comment, I am going to share my thoughts on this. Senator Clinton is the candidate I'm supporting because I think she will be the best leader. That said, Senator Obama is a smart guy, and I wouldn't have a heart attack if he's elected. I'd like to see the two of them unite on the same ticket - as Pres and VP - to defeat McCain. We don't need another war mongerer in office.

I would be concerned about either facing violet opposition from ignorant, sexist or racist people, but I think overall Amercians (even the normally closed minded *less than informed* folks in the midwest or south) are ready for change - and the good thing is, either Clinton or Obama will be able to deliver. I think Clinton's experience makes her better able - hell, she's already made some positive changes as Senator! But as long as someone cleans up all the messes George Dubya Dumbass (sorry - I hope that's not considered profanity) has gotten this country into, then I'll be relieved.


Here's a good bulletproof vest for Obama: Condi Rice as VP.

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