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February 17, 2008



And the winner is! McCain. Because of a hotter
pimped out ho of a daughter. What the hell, if
all the candidates running for president are
a bunch of lemons, might as well go for the hotter daughter factor!

One reason why the Right is cheesed off by Butterface Clinton is she'll go campaign for mommy Doublebag, but refuse to talk to the press (including a 9 year old Highlights reporter) afterwards and has the "holier than thou" attitude. A one way street of information. Once again proving my theory that Democrats are on the inside what Republicans are on the outside.

Bring back presidential assassinations.
Go Obama!


Chelsea Clinton is fair game for the media. She isn't a little girl in braces anymore, she is an adult stumping for her mom.

At first I thought that picture of Megan McCain must be a granddaughter. He's so old!! (Not that he couldn't run the country, just saying)

Fred G.

Megan = Ding!


You are going to LOVE one of the upcoming Bush Twins Party Hour episodes. (Which I'm saying not to plug my series here -- feel free to edit out if necessary -- but because you're going to LOVE it.)

Karen From Houston

I am an OBAMA voter, however I really have a deep empathy for Chelsea Clinton. I pray that America and the media are gentle only in the respect that it is quite obvious Chelsea does not want to be on any campaign trail.

When Hillary entered the White House the first time and put the political pundits and the media on notice that her daughter was off limits I had MUCH respect for that stance. It is one I would have taken myself.

Now, since Hillary wants to be President,and finds herself behind in delegates, she finds it acceptable to send Chelsea around the country, against her will I'm sure for Chelsea is a 28 year old w/a job, who I'm sure like others, can't wait to leave home, make their own decisions, but it is NOW ok to Hillary for Chelsea to beat the campaign trail but only on Hillary's terms.

I think it is disgusting that Bill and Hillary could be so selfish as to I'm sure DEMAND that Chelsea help with the youth vote - for Billary did not expect to be in this position this late in the season. They were sure they had the nomination rapped up by Feb 5 so using Chelsea was really a mute point to them.

But let it be known, that God won't have another Clinton administration. They sullied the House Of The People without remorse and have the nerve to want another chance - How Arrogant!

So to win at any cost, Mommy Dearest now feels that Chelsea must be front and center; heard but not spoken to - Hillary terms! I can see how one could use the term 'pimped out' to describe these actions, however SELFISH would probably have been a little more politically appropriate, for America would have to ask - at what point does THE CLINTONS stop RULING/RUINING Chelsea's life for theirs?


It's true, so why they getting mad. It would probably help if she didn't have a frog face!

brother john

I'm no fan of the Democrats in general or the Clintons in particular but I see no good coming out of name calling or trashing people for their physical attributes. In a better world the issues would be the issue.

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