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February 15, 2008



Despite the scorn of the Angered Adam from a few days ago, I'm gonna say it - AHHHH, SO CUTE!!! Is there anything in your house that you placed there, because so far, all I am seeing is Donna influence. That Tater/couch/pillow/painting combo is beautiful.

I love how the first non-Tater bulldog has his eyes scrunched up like he just heard the punch line to a good joke.


Your blog is an explosion of adorable bulldog mania today. Keep it coming. And I think Tater Tot's portrait is lovely. You should commission an artist to do it in oil.

Angry Adam

I have to laugh! Bulldog Beauty Contest? There's a contridiction in terms if there every was one. Right along with Jumbo Shrimp. Being so pitifully homely does not make one cute.


Nice to see Tater displaying her regal side.

That must be local hero Tyson the skateboarding bulldog in the bottom photo

GAH!!!! your dog is ADORABLE!!!

and your blog is awesome.

you, sir, are the most wonderful person in the world!!!

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