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February 04, 2008



In your case, a beard, not so much. Out in the sticks where you live hunters might confuse you with big foot and that could turn out bad.

michelle k

you guys are hilarious. i love that photo!


11 days til pitchers and catchers report!!


Had your voice changed yet?

Vic Rattler



OMG Bean, you DO look 12 years old! Nice photo!


Just how much baseball can we expect on SWL?

Christina L.

I think you are leaving out a very important detail of yesterday's game - it officially meant both Manning brothers now have a Superbowl ring. I was so happy to see Brady finally defeated, but it was also rewarding to see a kid (Eli is younger than me, so I use that term relatively) beam with pride at having brought his team to victory. It was a good game, and a historic win, I think.


You were actually pretty good looking in this picture. And I'm not being ironic; you really were. Did you know back then that you were good looking?

It explains a lot though. I always wondered how you managed to bag Donna...

Irene the Bean

70: It's the new 60.


I bought 4 tickets to the Dodgers vs. Boston game at the LA Coliseum. Can't wait!


I totally agree with you Bean. The day after the Superbowl means one day closer to opening season of my beloved Mariners. YOu got to get your ass out to Peoria one of these days. It is tonz of fun. Willie B, Ritchie, Felix, Raul, Itchiro, Yuni, Adrian, Jose,Jojima, not to forget J.J.! THUNDERSTRIKE!!!! WE GO TO PEORIA every year!

This year we leave on Feb. 27 and come back on the 1st of March. BTW, My husband and I bumped into you and your dad at Cashman Field a couple years ago. You were wearing a yellow throwback Mariner shirt and took a picture of me and my husband in our gear! We even got our dogs during spring training in 05 and 07. Of course their names are Edgar (the black curly cocker) and Jumpin Josie (the strawberry blond cocker) Yes, Josie for J.J. (Joseph).

GO MARINERS! oh gosh, I hope we get Bedard. I think it will be annouced tomorrow. Damn, sad to see adam jones and shirell go. Ironically, My husband just got an Adam Jones 10 Jersey ($250) when we were in Seattle in Sept. OH well. If we can beat the Angels and go into October, then that is all that really matters!
GO M's.
later - Jackie in Anaheim
can't wait for April 10! M's play the Angels.

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