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February 22, 2008



TGI Tater Tot Friday! It looks like MacGyver and Stan are BFF


How freakin' cute are they? I'm so getting a bulldog!!


menard... good lookin dogs.. can i have one???

christine fung

tatertot!!! awwwww...she looks so happy!!!


Juggernaut must love playing with the Mac and Stan.


OH I love bulldogs <3 We have a corgi but would love to have a bully someday.
Last weekend we were moving my boyfriend into a new apartment and had just finished putting all of his things into the Uhaul and the most adorable bulldog came walking by. His name was Harley and he was 7 years old I pet him to death and he LOVED me and almost wouldn't leave. I wanted to steal him. haha

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