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February 07, 2008



Haha! I once saw something similar to this in an advertisement for a hotel. Stay for a night, get a free turkey (for the record, it was summer and not even close to Thanksgiving). That made us laugh pretty hard, but we were quite reticent to stay there, as one has to wonder just how nice that hotel could possibly have been.

Advertising affordable rates and good service would surely be more effective for my money, but to each his own.

brother john

If only Clara Peller had lived long enough she would have got an answer to her question "Where's the beef?".


What happens if you are vegetarian? Are you just SOL, or do they kindly hand over $7.50 in tofu with your tire?


And here I thought all those government subsidies were enough to a thank you . . .

maltese parakeet

that is cross marketing gone horribly, horribly wrong!


on a slightly unrelated note, perhaps in honor of upcoming chinese new year... i've come across something i think you would find amusing and it has taken up way too much of my time. but, they've compiled photos taken in the far east where someone has poorly translated something into english.


LOL There is just an inherent problem with marketing "things" with "food", I mean you are looking for tires and You are not offered a discount, but meat. It would be like shopping for a bed and getting $25 in free Garbanzo beans. It just doesn't seem "right".

If you don't eat meat, get a strange look and a coupon for TOFU at the local Trader Hippie store. :)

Steve Schroeder

It is certainly weird, but I think it harkens back to some sort of small town service theory. Les Schwab has been doing the free beef thing for many many years. The beef offer certainly doesn't get me slapping new rubbers on my ride, but Les Schwab is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. They have fixed hella tires for me for free and replaced tires that I didn't even buy from them for free.



cathy g.

that is just wrong on way too many levels.... and not to mention NASTY. where are are they keeping this beef they are giving away?? the last time I was at a tire store, I do not remember seeing anything remotely close to a refrigeration unit...


Bean, this is what you get for living in the boonies. Here in LA we may not get "free beef" (*ding*), for buying tires but neither do we have to wait a week to get our new tires. Believe it or not, most tire stores up here actually have the tires right there in the store.


Such a deal. But you seem like a nice boy, maybe you'd like chicken soup instead.

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