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March 16, 2008



i never got the shallow grave thing either...and being half mexican i know we can fit a lot of people in a car, but 33 people in a shallow that is amazing

Christina L.

Well, I think the point for a lot of the homocides is not to get away with it, but to simply take that person's life for whatever reason. If you're confident they won't find evidence on the corpse, then why not be lazy about discarding of the expired body? Just a thought. Morbid to even be discussing this, but certainly more interesting than say that one entry you did about postage stamps.

Kings Fan

Thanks for letting me know that there was a shallow grave of 33 people in Mexico City and of their violent drug trade. I have a four-hour delay there and I'm sure they enjoy messing with young Americans.


Shallow grave doesn't seem like an apt description of a place that can hold 33 bodies.

Vic Rattler

I've had to dig a grave for two cats (natural causes, nothing twisted,) and I made sure to put them down at least 5ft. If the time it took were applied to a full size person it might've taken 2hrs+.
Worth it to avoid the prison term.


When I was in college, my Anthropology professor also worked in forensics for the city. One day, he gave us an interesting lecture on how to bury a body so it won't be discovered. His first recommendation? "You've got to go at LEAST 6 feet down." He said the reason most people get caught is because of the shallow grave.

Jimmy Hoffa

I'm in a shallow grave RIGHT NOW and no one has found me yet! HAHAHA!! Here's a hint - it ain't in Giants Stadium in New Jersey.


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