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March 23, 2008



She has a nice soft voice. I like it.
To keep on track of new artists, may I suggest Kina Grannis. If you saw the Super Bowl (especially at the end of the first quarter), you might have seen a video clip of the winner of the Doritos' Crash The Superbowl contest. You can check her out at or at her myspace

Hey Bean... she's young, hot, and asian! :D


I am pretty sure China had a solo album out already, long time ago, because one of her songs (Ode) is a permanent fixture on my mix tapes from the late 90s.


Thanks for the heads-up, she sounds beautiful.
Now back at you. Cydney Robinson – incredible.


Thank you, Suz, for the correction. China did have a solo album out in her pre-Pink Martini days, way back in 1995.

It appears to be out of print now but I will be keeping my eyes open for one to pop up somewhere.


surprisingly good: check out 2008 Heavy Circles (Paul Simon's wife & son), song Henri.

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