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March 13, 2008



so always have a camera and a confidentiality agreement after every $50 dinner date is what you are saying?

cathy g.

Now my head hurts, too.


I hate to tell you this but if someone is only paying fifty bucks he will have a lot more to worry about than jail!!! Although I hear you do get free medical care in jail.

Vic Rattler

If he had just murdered the woman he'd be fine.
Nothing wrong with killing people, but sex?

Sick bastard. Enjoy spending more time with your family.


Between Rudy Guiliani employing the worst presidential primary strategy ever ("Let's wait until Florida!"), and Spitzer making one of the worst personal decisions ever ("Thousand of dollars paid to Emperor's Club VIP? No one will suspect a thing!"), New York's hot ticket politicians are dropping like flies.

brother John

$50 bucks with or without the risk of jail is still a whole lot cheaper than the bankrupting potential of Marriage. Paul McCartney could have had a lifetime of $5000/hour hookers for the money he spent.
The real crime here is government intervention where neither party seeks redress.

Myles Long

My recommendation the next time you want a $50 hooker? Spend the extra dough and go for the $100 hooker. Money well spent, IMO.

p.s. hear about the hooker with the runny nose? She figured she was full! HAHAHA!!!

Hugh Grant

For the record, Liz was out of town that weekend, OK? Besides, Devine Brown was sooo hot!!!! Chocolate love indeed!!

Love and Kisses, Hugh Grant


there is definitely something pretty messed up here. i think there is something going on with our perception of what sex is. if you need sex bad enough to pay for it then i think you've got something going on that's a much bigger problem than breaking the law.

i don't head hurts as well.....


Tomorrow is Tater Tot Friday!! HOORAY!I can't wait.=)

John E

Can somebody clue me in to where I can find these $50 hookers???
..Ahem, for research purposes of course. ;-)

Lady D

So here is my take on this.Prostitution is the world's oldest profession , it has always been that way and I highly doubt that it will ever change, despite what the conservative (liars) try to do. There will always be an unsatisfied man that will pay for physical adult entertainment with another human being. I just don't get the double standard like you have stated. It just goes on to prove that our society is pretty screwed up.

Prostitution should be made legal, just regulated and taxed. Maybe it would help in the state deficit.I mean talk about economic stimuli! And what I decide to do with another girl I paid for and my boyfriend is my business, not the whole Fox News Channel. Let them be human and mess up, dammit!

Jim Miller

If I had known hookers take checks, I'd have been in jail for forgery long ago. Another case of what you don't know can't hurt you.


What kind of face is he making in that picture? Is he doing his Predator impersonation for the cameras? Goob.


Interestingly enough, this was just covered on this week.


Does anyone else think Spitzer is actually former Steelers coach Bill Cowher after major chin-reduction surgery?

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