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March 05, 2008



Nice...a boom goes the dynamite reference!

I agree with the 10:00 pm time slot or I'd even go with 11:00 pm...if on ABC you can't go later than that because of Kimmel.

me! =)

ok, seriously, how can he be the king of late night?! just because he gets all the "good" celebrities?! ugh.....maybe its just for the simple reason i was raised to despise him but he is SO untalented!!! it would interesting to see if he could do well somewhere else & have to basically work from the bottom up like jimmy & conan had to do! highly doubt that would happen cuz they're probably going to kiss his ass & give him anything & everything he wants! ugh.....


Steve Schroeder

Raul, 11pm wouldn't work on ABC for sure cause they do local news at that time (which I would be so pleased if they took off the air permanently). 11 might work on Fox cause they do 10pm local news.

me!, Leno is the king of late night because he has ruled the ratings world for about 15 years. He is what America is used to and people would continue to watch him if he was still on TV. He is a powerful brand and worth a lot of money to companies.
I also think he is less than awesome, though.

Your idea is a very strong one, Bean. Call up Brandon Tartikoff, Too soon?


meh...we should just steal another TV idea from the British and move into a New Late Night format. The monologue-desk-chair-band formula is archaic.


This might bode ill for Kimmel. His ratings ain't great. I live in the 20th largest TV market in the country and our local affiliate doesn't even carry the Kimmel show.

Steve- yeah, I know his ratings are strong but what I dont get is WHY they're so strong but you actually answered that with "americans are used to him"....I think that answers any question on the intelligence for most of the people in our to that! =(

And seriously, I have always loved Jimmy! He has REALLY stepped up his game in the past year or so and I truly hope everything works out for him! I do think Jimmy does need to read or watch "The Late Shift" to remind him of what happens when you get too close to Leno....

me =)

Steve Schroeder

I would be somewhat surprised if Jimmy was cancelled because it seems like he has slowly and surely organically growing an audience organically. He seems to be at this point the place to go for actual comedy on the late night scene, even more than Conan at this point. His show must be a money maker (I'm sorta assuming it is easier to produce than other late night shows) or it would've been gone by this point.

This will be interesting.

I miss Craig Kilborn.

Fred G

Jay Leno tells jokes?

Kings Fan

Leno hasn't said anything funny since his cameo on Good Times in 1976. And I don't think he had any lines then.

Noah kussin

stop blogging now i hate your blogs

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