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March 09, 2008



It's Pat!


Wow, I hadn't seen the French reporter before I read your blog. My husband and I watched the youtube clip together and we were both amazed. She's H O T!

That last lady, not so much.


You got to check out pixie-ish Rym Brahimi who was CNN International Correspondent before she married Jordanian royalty, or something like that. Nowadays there is Christie Lu Stout, another real looker on CNN International.

You also have the other end of the spectrum. A couple of the Euro/Atlanta based anchorwomen are real cows.

Vic Rattler

Melissa Theuriau destroys all those ofter women. God bless the wonders of French socialism.


Is there a more heavenly angel than Melissa Theuriau? I think not. Wow! One amazing reason to like France.

Joe L

How could you not mention Erin Burnett from cnbc?

Adam Villani

Of course, Joey Ramone wrote a song about Maria Bartiromo.

Kings Fan

Becky, what's with the helmet hair?


Dude. The Frech chick trumps them all....Lara looks cute enough for Laurie looks like she's had too much plastic surgery...


Bean, don't be an ass. Why are you picking on that woman? She can't help her age and she can't do much about the natural shape of her facial and bodily features.
But then, you are one to talk, being a GQ magazine coverboy...

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