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March 02, 2008



WAHT?????? The Bun
Boy is gone?? oh maaaaaaan....


What's next? Taking down the World's Tallest Thermometer?


OK, so if it is really gone. Go to the Mad Greek in Baker. They have the best shakes I have ever had and I have a lot.

Baker is the halfway mark for me because I am in the 951 area.



There was a fire and it burned down. Here's an article:

I do agree with the poster about the shakes at the Mad Greek. They are phenomenal! And it was newly remodeled when I went thru six months ago.


The Bun Boy name is gone, it's now turned into a Bob's Big Boy, but the World's Tallest Thermometer is still there! I just went to Vegas a couple of weekends ago and saw it - my companions were not as impressed.

If I stop in Barstow, I always go to the McDonald's there - it's shaped like a train station!


It is gone, just came from Vegas this weekend.


We Always stop at the Del Taco in Lenwood, just before barstow. They still serve thier food exactly the same as the original Del Taco used too. You can actually make a meal out of just 2 regular tacos! Remember the slice of tomato on top? excellent!


Umm.... when has Barstow been just off the 10? Never took the 10 to Vegas. Is there some sort of mysterious road that I am not privy to?


Concur with the Del Taco comment - order two tostadas for a dee-licious meal. Word is the founder still owns the three Del Taco's in Barstow/Lenwood and cooks using the original recipes.

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