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March 04, 2008



Excellent questions, Bean. A month ago, I said I'd vote for Hillary, but I'd campaign for Obama. I'm not sure that the former is true any more.

Vic Rattler


Come back Edwards.


Sorry Bean but Ron Paul isn't going to get the opportunity to answer that phone.

Seriously though, what is this the freaking cold war? Is the President secretly Batman??

John E

Wait, that's a mom walking in? I thought it was a well dressed male serial killer who walks around neighborhoods looking for unlocked doors. I agree with the overdone appearance of Hillary at 3am. I want a president who's comfortable leading our country in pajamas.

Kings Fan

Yeah, why did it take her six rings to answer? Doesn't the White House have voicemail? I'd love to hear that message.


Bean For President! Start making those Bean - Tater Tot 08 bumper stickers.

Why does it take her 6 rings to answer the phone? Clearly because she had to doll herself up before answering the phone, or because she just got back from her night of whoring.


Hillary is always calling my house at 3AM. It's so annoying. I have to roll over and shake Bill awake. It's all "Shh baby, you know I love you" this and "I'm just feeling her pain, it's part of the campaign for yooooou" that. Stupid Hillary.

Fred G

I wondered the same thing about #4. Maybe it's 3am Pacific time, 6am in DC.


I love the idea here that it's the actual president that answers the phone at 3am. It would be so cool if that were true. I'd be prank calling all the time!


The phone rings 6 times because President Obama is sound asleep comfortable he has taken care of business and everyone knows that when the president doesn't answer after 6 rings the it is up to his secretary to pick up the phone.


Do you suppose that Hillary was whoring around with the collective mothers of our nations children? That would explain why she walked in right before Hillary answered the phone.


I wish you were the one writing the comprehension questions for this stupid reading program we've been saddled with for the past bunch of years....


Yeah Hillary needs to stop this grasping for straws nonsense...She needs to get back in line and start begging Senator Obama for a shot at the Veep title or perhaps a low cabinet position.. Secretary of the Interior perhaps? Save a National Park Hillary!


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