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March 07, 2008



Some days, nothing beats quiet time.

Love me the Wally and Stryder, too.

Being a mom myself... There is something very comforting about napping with your kids. You captured that in the picture.


Stryder looks like he's nursing on Wally. Congrats, Tiff!

p.s. Love Tater and her mommy, too.


Aaw...thanks, Bean for posting the photos of Wally and Stryder. I'll tell them how famous they are when I get home.

Kings Fan

Been a friend of Wally's for a while and he's just an awesome dog. I met Stryder recently and I'm now hooked on bulldogs.

Looks like you've crossed over into Bean's world, Tiff.


I see Tater Tot has stolen your pillow. Good thing it wasn't your bed time yet or you'd have been stuck sleeping on the couch.

Wally and Stryder are adorable too!


Oh. My. God.

Why can't every day be Tater (and friends) Friday?!!!



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