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March 28, 2008



Love, Love Tater Tot Fridays. She's so darn cute. And love the pic of the pug, because I have a 11 year old pug, Pugsy. As always, Thanks Bean!!!


Long walks and long naps. Both keys to a happy life.


Tater looks like he wants to attack the camera.

Give Poosie an award for best Michael Jordan impersonation by a dog.

Christina L.

I love Tater Tot Fridays! It brightens my day. Also makes me miss my doggie, Hercules, who was a Black Lab/Husky mix. But it's okay - one day I'll have a house like you and Donna and I'll have my own little pups to be proud of again.
Have a wonderful weekend!

cathy g

It is my fave day of the week. Tater Friday. I hope I can come back as a dog and my life be nothing but walks on the beach and naps!

I think it is a concentration thing for the pug... i do the same thing when I am concentrating intensely on something! hehe.

Have a weekend bean!!

Vic Rattler

Well Donna, clearly it's for concentration. If it was for balance it would be on the other side, as his head is turned the same way. Glad I could help.

Frank N. Furter

How about swimsuit model Mondays? Or porn site link Tuesdays? What about Sports Bar Wednesdays? Then we can have Foot Fetish Thursdays?

me! =)

oh do I know how she feels!!! give her lots & lots of kisses for me!

me =)

sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

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